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    Background: I had an American Standard 4TEE3F65A1000AA air handler installed in Oct. 2002. It was a poor installation with lots of air leaks. My wife recently started having lung problems and I called a contractor to clean the ducts. He informed me that the ducts were duct board and could not be cleaned. I decided to have all duct work replaced and to correct the problems with the installation of the air handler. When I removed the sheetrock, I noticed that a couple of joints had separated and air was blowing in the space between first and second floor. The Air Handler was installed vertically with the return air entering on the left side. I was told the return air should enter the bottom because of the "A" coil. The new duct work was installed with the air handler laying horizontal with supply right. I was pleased with the job this contractor did. All metal duct work, seams buttered with a sealant and wrapped in 1 1/2 in insulation.

    Questions and issues:
    1) I can't see the model # of the electric heater but it has two rows of toasters. The air handler has 2 60 amp breakers. One breaker correctly has a 6 ga wire, the second one has one 12 ga wire and one 10 ga wire (20 & 30 amp breakers in the main panel) which means only 40 amps can safely be consumed (20 amps each wire). What is the current requirement of the Air handler?
    2) when the heat is on, the air does not seem to be as hot as it used to be. I noticed that no thermostat wire is connected to the W2 terminal, yet the W2 terminal screw is loosened as if a wire was once connected. Could this be the problem?
    3) The contractor listed a UV light in the return air before the unit filter in the contract. It was not installed. Does the UV light really help clean the air?

    When I was replacing the sheetrock, I called the contractor about some missing insulation in 3 locations. He said he would be buy the next day. I haven't seen or heard from the contractor since. I bought some insulation and foil tape and insulated the areas myself. I am not sure he will show up to correct any of the above issues. He has been paid in full.
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