Air check valve replacement and brine float questions

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    Regarding the float in the brine tank, how low should it drop? I have a normal amount of brine in my tank but the float does not drop down as low as the brine level. Is this normal? I'm asking because my softener is drawing brine sporadically. I think the real problem is the air check valve and I want to replace it. What's the easiest way? What stage of the cycle should I set when replacing the valve and do I need to relieve the pressure from the softener before removing the old valve?
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    When you first posted, I thought about the 2300 safety float assembly sucking air. The float is a safety devise to shut off the flow of water if it gets too high. It should be just below the overflow elbow on the side of the brine tank. As long as the unit is not in a regen cycle, you can replace the safety assembly. You do not have to change the entire float assembly just the 2300 assembly.
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