advice on best way to get drain pipe to fit in new shower pan

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  1. davethedude

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    Jun 6, 2013
    Hi everyone, so I just purchased a new 3ftx3ft shower pan by tileredi. It fits great but my existing pvc pipe is off by about 3in and obviously wont fit in the shower pan precut hole. I have broken up cement and exposed about 12in of the pvc pipe from the ground. Is there any fittings out there that can attach to my prexisting pipe to take care of this gap? Thx for any help.
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    Ideally, you want to move the p-trap so it is directly underneath the new pan's hole. TO do this, you may need to crack some more concrete to gain access. Depending on which way it drains and the direction you need to move it, the height may differ, but it's almost imperceptible at 1/4 of a foot and 1/4"/foot (or 1/16"). Assuming the existing trap is in good condition, a coupler and a short stub of pvc is all it would take. Maybe a shallow angle of an elbow, depending on the direction of the pipe, or probably easiest to get the position just right, is a new p-trap since you can glue it up at an angle and would have more flexibility in location.
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