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The easiest way to add a picture to the forums is by using the attachment command.
You can add multiple pictures at the same time.

Right now, the largest dimension allowed is 800 pixels in any direction. For desktop, something like 800 x 600 looks nice, but if it's being seen on mobile, then the portrait sizing of 600 x 800 works better.
Below is an extreme case of the top photo being uploaded from another site at 2216 x 737 and the lower one redone for 600 x 800


Which one is easier to see on mobile? The bottom one, even though the pixel count is lower.
To make the pictures load quicker, I like using the medium settings when I turn them into JPG's.

When uploading attachments, you can choose between Thumbnail and Full Image.
When choosing Full Image, it means going back to the top of page, and then doing a cut and paste to relocate it where it fits nicely.

While there are sites that have hosting for pictures, some allowing linking to other pages, often those pictures get lost over time, and the content with answers provided gets lost. Adding your picture to this site helps others. And a big thanks to those that do.