Adding a utility sink to a laundry room

Discussion in 'Plumbing Code Questions' started by 71CJ5, Nov 13, 2012.

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    My question is pretty basic. I'm getting ready to stack my washer/dryer and put a utility sink where the washer was. The 2" stack coming from the crawlspace is only 6" from a wall. This limits my options for plumbing in the sink. My brother, a journeyman plumber in OH, says that I'm okay stacking 2 tees to pick up both fixtures and common venting. I plan on 2" tee to branch off to the washer box location and a 2x1.5" tee on top of that branching off to the new sink. Please excuse my fantastic MSPaint skills :) Any problems with this setup?

    I've seen the picture on this site on a proper sink/washer box setup but would rather not run another vent if I don't have to in order to minimize the amount of drywall I have to remove. I really hate drywall work:rolleyes:

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    What you have drawn is called a vertical wet vent. This is allowed by some plumbing codes, but not others.
    You might ask your local plumbing inspector for their input on such an installation.
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