Adding a Utility Sink next to Washer, stumped on drain and vent

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    Jan 5, 2012
    First off, I need to say how awesome this site is. Terry and company do a fantastic job. I've Googled a lot of plumbing questions and Google keeps pointing me here. So I figured I'd register.

    I'm finishing my basement and have some basic (I hope) plumbing to take care of. This particular question is hopefully straight forward. I'd like to tie in a utility sink to the right of the washer. I'm wondering how to tie in the utility sink drain and vent. I've seen Terry's goto picture for this and I think that exact config would be pretty tough since my main stack is setup how it is.

    I had this house built in 2004 and this is the original plumbing. I'm looking for the easiest, yet reliable and code-meeting setup. Is there anyway to tie into that horizontal 2" (washer) drain and the 1.5" vertical vent? I'd rather not tie into the 3" vertical drain due to the tight layout for framing and drywall. Thanks a ton in advance!


  2. Terry

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    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    Your best bet it to cut out the lower connection where the two 3" lines combine and use a double fitting there. Essentially making it a three way connection. The sink will need a drain low enough to be usable anyway. If you need to slighty raise the tee for the washer, that's doable.

    The vent above the washer can be tapped into for the sink vent.

    It looks like a 22 bend below the wye. If you need to remove the pipe from the hub, you can use a rambit on a drill to remove it.
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