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    I've been trying to find a solution for the acid water from my well. I've had several companies out, offering to sell me systems that cost in the neighborhood of $6000. I really can't handle this expense. I'd like a do it yourself option. I was going to go with a Kenmore softener (hardess is 105 mg/L) and I'd like some suggestions on a Nuetralizer.

    I like the kenmore option for the softener because I know I'll always be able to get parts and service from sears. That is important to me for the neutralizer as well. There are a bunch of options online, but who knows if my local well guys will be able to do repairs or get parts.

    My pH is 5.4. Thanks!
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    If you aren't going to be a DIYer to install and repair your equipment, then buy from a local water treatment dealer. If you buy online those same local dealers/well drillers will demonstrate their ignorance and refuse to install and especially service the equipment in most cases.

    Depending on the size and the make/model of control valve, a down flow backwashed AN filter should be in the range of $600-$850 delivered without installation. Anyone asking $6000 for one even with a softener is a crook.
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