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Discussion in 'HVAC Heating & Cooling' started by handy_wo_man, Jun 6, 2011.

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    i live in an 28X81 double wide 7 years ago i had a new outside unit installed and had my old furnace removed. my ac freezes up every year and my heat never quits running during the winter. i had asked that the old duct work be replaced to suite the new unit but it wasnt. i am currently replacing my floor in my kitchen and dining room, when doing this i noticed the main air duct went in to the duct work in my dining room right beneath a register, for years i've noticed that register had a lot of air and the one after it had no air coming from it. for the first three years that i owned the unit i had someone here every summer and winter to look and see why my unit ran constantly. was always told the same thing "insulation isnt good in double wides" well, i don't know anyone with the electric bills i have. fromn what i can figure my duct work is shaped like a rectangle with branches off the main metal duct to the registers in each room. i would like to do away with the branches and have my registers coming from the main metal duct thats shaped like the rectangle which is a duct down each side of the home with cross overs on each end. now my question is where should i put the main air duct, should i add another crossover in the center and put the duct there and maybe add more return ducts to the other rooms. which, by the way there is one return in my living room and thats it, so i know the bedrooms and other spaces need returns as well because over the few past years ive closed off the air vents above the bedroom doors for more privacy for everyone but i'm pretty sure i can add returns in the walls anyway, my question is "where should i place the main air duct?". any suggestions would be very gratefully appreciated.
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    I also live in a double wide . If it were me doing it, id scrap both main ducts and crossover duct and put in an insulated supply plenum box attached to the airhandler/ffurnace and run 6" round insulated flexible ducts in the crawlspace to each present outlet locations and any new supply register locations that you want to add. As for the return air, I assume your air handler/furnace is located in a closet in the living area ??? If so, then you can just take all the return air into the airhandler right from there providing its an electric furnace...but if its a gas furnace then its not recomended because the return air pull might affect the burner operation of the furnace . Chances are, your interior doors are undercut so the air from each room will escape into the hallway and then back to the airhandlers return. If you use the plenum box with flexible duct type of system, your airflow will be considerably better because the factory installed tin ductwork for the Trailer is grossly undersized and creates alot of supply air restriction known as high static pressure. The lower the static pressure, the higher the air volume is.
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