About to rebuild booster pump, could someone please review my procedure?

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First time doing this, it has a pretty good leak that has gotten worse over time. Booster is a goulds 1 hp J+ (J10) pump. I got the rebuild kit already.

I plan to rebuild the booster this saturday in case it takes me a while, and my plan is below...could someone with knowledge of this type of rebuild review my plan and tell me if I am missing anything?

So my plan is this:
1. disconnect electical to booster and any surrounding things so electicity is not part of the mix.
2. close valves to isolate inlet and outlet to pump...I know there are valves out there...I have to figure what will work.
3. discharge the system in the tanks so there is now pressure.
4. remove electrical connectors to pump.
5. remove pump (hopefully I can skip this step).
6. put pump on workbench and start removing things in order to figure it out and rebuid.
7. clean it, and rebuild with new stuff.
8. the reverse steps 5-1.

...thanks a ton in advanced.