A Royal Jelly Bean!

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    The Royal Wedding

    Man finds jelly bean with striking resemblance to Kate Middleton By Josh Duboff, The FamousThu, Apr 14, 2011 4:28 PM GMT+00:00
    We may have reached an apex in Royal Wedding hysteria.

    A 25-year-old accountant has found Kate Middleton's face in a jelly bean. Yep. Wesley Hosie and his girlfriend, Jessica White, noticed that a mango bean in the jar they had purchased from the Jelly Bean Factory featured an uncanny resemblance to Prince William's future bride, the Telegraph reports.

    There's a jelly bean with Kate Middleton's face on it! (Chris Jackson, Getty Images/SWNS)
    "As Jessica opened the jar, I saw her immediately. She was literally lying there staring back at me," Hosie said.

    And the pair immediately saw an opportunity in their blessed jelly bean.

    "Given that the royal wedding is only a few weeks away, we hope to make a few pounds out of it by selling it on the internet to a collector."

    The couple plan to sell it on **** for 500 pounds (approximately $815), though considering one of Middleton's old dresses sold for $125,000 and the Royal Wedding frenzy is in full force, we believe they can garner a good deal more for the bean than that.

    Of course, there’s a possibility that Hobie and White are pulling a fast one here. But we’d like to believe the jelly bean is real, if only because no fairytale is complete without some kind of magical food item.

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