A real puzzle - how to connect shower and sink drains with so little room

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    First, I bought this house in February of 2012, so none of this is my doing!!
    With that clarified, I have two problems (that I’m aware of) at this point. I’ll start by stating the problems and then provide details. First, I don’t really want to have to cut the notch in the concrete basement wall another 6” deeper to accommodate a double wye, but that’s doable. The bigger problem is how to connect the drain lines from the shower and the lavatory into the drain and comply with the 2006 international code.
    I’m completely redoing the main guest bathroom in the house. There is a master bath, a half bath upstairs, and another half bath in the basement. The photos and diagrams show the main guest bathroom.
    Previous set up. The toilet was against the wall. It drained into 3” ABS and then into a 4” cast iron sanitary tee at the top of the basement wall. The person (notice I didn’t say “plumber.”) who installed it cut through floor joists and generally botched it up.


    The only support for the floor under the toilet was two pieces of plywood screwed into the header. The toilet had a very slow leak that had evidently been going on for quite a while because the screws were badly corroded.



    Pages from 2013-09-29 drain issues 3.jpg

    I have notched the concrete wall so that the lower sanitary tee is exposed and will be removed.
    I had planned to use a double sanitary tee but the toilet is against the wall so I can’t get 18” of developed
    pipe length between the closet elbow and a double sanitary tee as required by the code and I can’t move
    the toilet to the other side of the room.
    But I can use a double wye with 45-degree ells. This leaves the elevation of the existing
    line from the half bath alone but will drop the inlet from the main guest bathroom about 9-10”. In order
    to accommodate the double wye, I’m going to have to cut the notch in the concrete another 6” deeper
    but at that location, the wall is thicker… 9” everywhere else but there’s a pilaster poured in the wall on
    the crawlspace side at that point. That's a problem but not insurmountable.
    Here's the main problem: I need to connect the drain from the shower and from the lavatory into this drain. I can't reduce the the size of the double wye to 3" because of the 4" line coming from the half bath.
    So I don’t have room for a sanitary tee between the 45-degree ell and the closet bend. I don’t have
    room for a wye on top of the double wye or between the double wye and the closet bend. I could put it
    below the double wye, but that means breaking out even more concrete. So I don’t think any of these
    three options work.

    Pages from 2013-09-29 drain issues 3-2.jpg

    The code allows quarter bends with side inlets, so I could use a closet bend with a side inlet but I
    understand that they are not acceptable in some jurisdictions, which leads me to believe that may not be
    the best answer – although at this point I’m not sure what choice I have.
    Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. At this point, the only option I can see is to cut the notch deeper and put a wye for the shower and sink below the double wye. :-(
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