A Man in a Bar

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    Apr 7, 2008
    An executive goes to a bar, orders a drink, and starts to eat the free peanuts. He hears a voice say "that is a real nice suit that you are wearing," but he cannot determine where the voice came from. A few minutes go by and he hears the same voice say "that is a great haircut that you have," but he still cannot determine the location of the voice. He then hears the voice say "where did you get that fantastic shoeshine, it is the best I have ever seen." But try as he may, he cannot figure out the location of the voice.

    Fearing that he has gone crazy, he asks the bartender if the bartender knew anything about the voice. "Don't worry, says the bartender, you are not crazy. It's the peanuts, they are complimentary."

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