2" Vent for Entire Home?

Discussion in 'IPC Plumbing Code Questions' started by mmjohnso1, May 23, 2015.

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    I am building a new home in SC. After roofing and plumbing were complete I noticed a plumbing vent pipe coming up in the middle of the front of my roof (2 in). There was also one on the side (hip roof) of my roof (2 in). I asked the builder to relocate the vent in the front middle of my roof. He (very begrudgingly) "moved" the vent. In doing so, the plumber moved the existing vent and starting above the ceiling extended it horizontally at an angle to the other 2 in vent stack. Now all of my fixtures tie into one 2 in vent stack. I knew nothing about plumbing prior to signing papers but at this point I have learned one vent exiting the roof is okay it if it to code. That is where my question comes in. I am concerned that the 2 in vent for all of my fixtures isn't sufficient.

    I have:

    - Kitchen sink & dishwasher in an island (I can't tell if it would use an AAV? Pic below)

    - Washer

    - Master Bath: double sinks, separate shower and tub, and toilet

    - Guest Bath: double sinks, combo shower/tub, toilet

    - Half Bath: toilet and sink

    Based on the photo below, and my novice knowledge of following the pipe before drywall, the stack coming up is just the washer vent (assuming the island fixtures are on an AAV). The first tie in is the master bath and the second would be the (added after moving) guest bath.

    Our drain appeared to be 3 inches for the home.

    My builder stated it was fine and to code. I should trust him, but I don't based on issues so far. I have read some UPC text and some IPC text and I'm so new to this I don't know which ways left. From what I've gathered it appears to be the bare minimum for code. I'm concerned it doesn't even meet code. I would appreciate any insight.

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  2. hj

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    MOST codes specify that the area of the vent through the roof MUST equal the area of the sewer entering the building. That being the case and since 3" is the minimum size entering the building, TWO 2" lines AND ONE 1 1/2" vent would have been the minimum acceptable and ONE 2" line is NOT.
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