1964 bathroom remodel - Greensboro, NC

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  1. puechini

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    Nov 27, 2005
    Hello! I am at the beginning of an 'unexpected' bathroom remodel for our bathroom. There was some extensive water damage to the floor and structure of the shower, so I've ripped out the walls and shower pan and am starting from scratch. I have a good book to guide me, but these sites are a great resource too.

    Here's my first question, can you help me?

    I am going to be working on the shower plumber before I put in the shower pan and walls, so I am looking for a good resource / information on installing shutoff valves to the existing pipes. I'm thinking I can cut the pipes and sweat a shutoff valve in? Can you direct me a good link for installing these?

    Also, I have this strange little toe wash thing that was in the original shower. Anyone seen something like this before? I want to get rid of it when I put in the new shower faucets / controls.

    How can I check if there is enough water pressure to install 2 or more shower heads? Is there any rules on the placement of these? I imagine you don't want them to shoot water towards the door....



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    Assuming you are going to tile this new shower, I suggest you look over at www.johnbridge.com They have numerous experts dedicated to building showers and tiling in general. If you have copper pipes, two showerheads is probably not a problem. Most showerheads sold in the USA are restricted to 2.5 gallons/minute. Nearly any shower control valve can pass that amount. Now, having a large enough hot water heater to satisfy some people is another thing! More than two, may require 3/4" supply and probably a really big hot water tank (plus a valve with a large flow capacity). You can install either a cap on the existing pipes while you get things ready to finish up, or use a compression shutoff valve. If you will have access to the plumbing after the finished walls are up, you could put in permanent shutoff valves. My unprofessional opinion.
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  4. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona

    I always use the "toe tester" when I can convince the customer of its value. My own showers always have them, but I use the diverter spout rather than a three valve diverter. I makes it a lot nicer to turn the water on and get the temperature right without getting hit with a slug of cold water. And I put the spout high enough so that it does not require stooping to operate the spout's diverter.
  5. Lakee911

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    Aug 23, 2005
    I&C Engineer (mostly WWTP)
    Columbus, OH
    They always look goofy to me ... and if they're higher than 'on the floor' they'd look even goofier ... Good place to bash the shin or stub the toe, no? Little slug of cold water....ahh..world coming to an end.. ;)
  6. puechini

    puechini New Member

    Nov 27, 2005
    yes, i think the toe cleaner is going to go. I put in the drain pipe for the shower last night. Waiting for a carpenter to come over and check out the wall to see if it is load bearing. I was planning on removing the top portion... We'll see...
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