12" vertical drop on tempering valve?

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    Jan 11, 2005
    I have a Watts model 70A tempering valve attached to our tankless heater off our boiler(hot water), it looks like it was not installed according to the directions which seem to indicate it should be installed 8-12" below the outlet not the existing 0". Do you folks know the reason for this drop, could this be responsible for the fluctuation in our hot water temperature.

    I know this valve isn't rated for particularly good temperature control, does anybody have any positive/negative experience with asse 1017 rated valves like the Watts 1170? Im thinking of replacing the 70A with one of these, Im just concerned that the hot water pressure will suffer even more with one of these

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    I'm not a pro, but have read some on tankless systems. Most if not all have some sort of flow restrictor built into them to slow the water down so that the thing can raise the water temp enough. The tempering valve makes sure that rise isn't too high by mixing in cold water to the desired temperature, if it gets above the setting. In the winter time, my water is much colder, and my tepering valve never adds cold, thus I am stuck with the flow designed in the restrictor. In the summer, I get a better flow because it is mixing unrestricted cold to the hot to get the desired set temp.

    I don't think that a new tempering valve will change the flow any, it may react quicker to spikes that can happen with changes in flow on a tankless system.

    Don't know about the location of the valve or if it would account for anything. It is possible that they say to have it lower than the outlet of the tankless system to help prevent convection flow. Since the heater only turns on with a flow caused by having a valve open, it probably doesn't make any difference in your situation. Again, I'm not a pro, just my thoughts.
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