wax ring

  1. L

    Inset Toilet Flange Above Finished Floor Question

    Howdy, Looking for some help with a question regarding toilet flanges and wax rings. I have a stainless steel toilet flange ring flush with my floor with an inset pvc glue in portion. The only issue is the pvc inset is not flush with the steel toilet flange. It is 3/4 inch above the finished...
  2. Miko5

    Sewer gas smell coming from wall under vanity?

    Hi all, hoping someone can help me. I'm handy but usually leave plumbing to someone who knows better than me what they are doing (more of a carpentry girl myself, though I fixed all the other toilets in the house that just needed new gaskets and valves, etc). I had someone in to fix one toilet...
  3. Diyer78

    Wax Ring Issue

    I removed my American Standard Champ toilet as I noticed discoloration of the grout next to the toilet. I wanted to make sure it wasn't leaking. I didn't find any leaks but I did notice that most of the wax squished out when I tightened the toilet down when I last installed it. Do the following...
  4. Diyer78

    Wax Ring Squishing out

  5. cashchow

    1" below floor flange, double wax seal help

    Hi all, Found out our toilet was having an extremely low leak causing peeling paint so we lifted it and found the original installer had used two poorly installed flange spacers and a too short wax ring. Lots of gross mess to clean up but here's the issue: The flange is now just over 1 inch...
  6. JimNY

    Speculate on the cause of leak thru ceiling directly below toilet when flushed?

    2nd floor toilet (approx 55 yr since installed, current flushometer probably less than 20 yrs), when flushed water leaks through 1st fl. ceiling at the location below that toilet. Would a professional absolutely need to open up the ceiling from below for a look-see before diagnosing/repairing...
  7. Matty05

    Need help trouble shooting “wax” ring problem.

    About 3-4 weeks ago we noticed a leak from the bottom of the toilet. My husband and I were both busy so it went neglected for a couple weeks. We finally got around to replacing the wax with a rubber/plastic/foam donut. Put the toilet back and now the water just collects in the bowl and won’t...
  8. Charash

    Power flush blowing wax ring

    Just reinstalled a Kohler power flush toilet after a remodel. Standard wax ring. Good connection. New flange. Floor is flat. Toilet is siliconed to the floor in addition to the bolts. First 20 or so flushes were fine but now it leaks to the basement with every flush. Any experience on power...
  9. Melanie Fuller

    Why is my flange sideways

    Several issues here BUT...main bath toilet leaked from underneath...figured wax ring was shot & pulled up the toilet. I found that previous owners had tiled over tile and just grouted around outside of flange. Roots from outside the pipe broke through the grout and destroyed wax ring...after...
  10. MadmartiganWait

    Can hear other units flushing after installing new toilet

    Hello and thank you in advance for any advice and help you can provide! As always, I will try to be as brief as possible. Yesterday, I installed a new Glacier Bay Model # N2428RB/N2428T. It is flushing as expected, no leaks, the toilet is stable (doesn't wobble), and have only had the following...
  11. Tom Szontagh

    Leakno wax free toilet gasket

    My friend and I have developed a new wax free toilet ring/gasket. I believe this toilet ring is the best option available. This product is soon to hit the market this summer. If you are interested, you can read about it and see the amazing torture tests we put it through at www.toiletgasket.com.
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