water softener drain

  1. W

    Water Softener technician Q&A

    Alright so I had an interesting Service call today. Went out for a salt build up around a softener today see pictures in post. There were no active leaks I ran the system through a Regen cycle and no issues whatsoever. There were no leaks at the brine tank from what I could tell and the water...
  2. Boofuss

    Why is the outside pipe spaced from the wall?

    We had our roof replaced. The falling debris (shingles) broke an outside pipe (at the elbow) that was used to drain our water softener system. If I don't fix it, the pipe points downward against the outside wall. Seems like it would drain fine. But I would guess there was a reason it was plumbed...
  3. diytaylor

    Help + Advice Needed Please! Air Gap Leaking from Backwash Drain Lines

    I live in a very rural area where there are almost zero reliable contractors/plumbers. Almost everyone I’ve hired over the last three years, I’ve had to redo some (or all) of their work. So I’ve relied on forums like this (THANK YOU!) and hundreds of hours of research to try and find decent...
  4. Guavazo

    Kenmore 300 series replacement drain tube

    Hi All Looking for some advice that I thinking to replace the old Kenmore 300 water softener the house come with, it had stopped working recently, and so far, I had replace the venturi, the float tube, and have the disk and rotor coming next week try to get it fixed. if the last attempt doesn't...
  5. crabjoe

    Need softener drain idea...

    I really need a water softener and I've been hesitating for years now because I wasn't sure how to setup a proper drain. I'm on well water, don't want to drain to the septic or sump pump, and the location of the softener will be under ground in a basement with 10ft walls. Not sure if this is...
  6. Kassie ODriscoll

    No Drain for Water Softner

    We our renovating a bathroom that didn't originally have a shower in it. Now that we've moved everything (including putting down new flooring), we decided that it needed a water softener and there's not a drain. Do you all have a solution for that or alternatives? Thanks for any advice.
  7. mmcdonough

    Burying new water softener in crawl space

    Hello all, I've been scouring the internet looking for advice on this subject and haven't had much luck. I came across this forum and I'm hoping to get some help. So we have a one story home with an insulated crawl space. Clearance in the crawl space is about 48 inches. We are on a well...
  8. rkhanso

    Kenmore Softener worked for 2 years, now salt tank full of water

    In installed the kenmore softener new a couple years ago. It replaced an older Kenmore softener. I stuck with Kenmore since the shutoff/connections are the same from the old to the new for an easy install. It's been working great until recently. I noticed the salt tank full of water. Yes, I've...
  9. CuriousLiam

    Salt Water Softener Drain

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Fleck 5600SXT salt water softener and asked a plumber to install it. He installed it in a way that the drain of the water softener leads to our garden. I was wondering if that is gonna cause any problems for the plants? In other words, does the drainage of...
  10. Joshkrue

    Water Softener Drain

    I am currently in the process of planning a water softener installation, and have ran into a drain issue, or so I think. My water main shut off is in my garage, and the only exposed plumbing to tap into is just after the shut main shut off. The problem is my garage does not have a drain in it...
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