washing machine drain

  1. Zacharyd

    How Do I Pipe Drain Line For New Washing Machine Location?

    Hi TerryLove Forums Community, I'm tasked with piping a drain line for a relocated washing machine within our 3rd floor bathroom renovation. The house is from the 1880's so the floor joists are 2x6's (nominal). The desired location for the new washing machine is located within the 2nd third of...
  2. Jason8383

    Washing Machine drains in bathtub drain, is my diagram correct?

    Hello, So currently live in Canada and have been reading a lot on the forum concerning the installation of bathroom washing machines plumbing installs I intend to drain the water from the washing machine using the bathtub drain and thought I would get all of your comments. So here is a...
  3. Marlin8

    Turning old bathroom into utility room (washer and dryer)

    Hello, pardon if this has already been discussed! I bought an old house (built in 1930) that has an old bathroom with toilet sink and shower. Pretty sure this was an addition perhaps in the 1960s or 70s. Anyway I want to take everything out and put in a w/d. Which drain should I hook into -...
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