1. TubeNoob

    Metal closet flange too high - help!

    We live in an older house and are updating some of the fixtures in our powder room. After removing the existing toilet, I knew that we might have a problem with the existing closet flange. The flange itself seems it good condition, but sticks up about 1/2" to 5/8" above the finished tile...
  2. Kathleen M

    Shortest Depth Toto that takes a Unifit Adapter for 14 inch rough in

    I was looking at Toto Drake and then discovered it is the wrong rough in and I don't think it takes a unifit adapter. I'm looking for a small depth toilet, preferably universal height. Any recommendations?
  3. Terry

    TOTO Nexus MS642124CEFG, pictures and reviews

    TOTO has a new Nexus toilet out now. It comes in 1.0 GPF and 1.28 GPF, a skirted bowl, and Tornado flushing. It's a universal height bowl at 16-1/8" before you add the seat which makes it an ADA bowl. It comes with it's 12" Unifit and you have the option of installing it with the 14" Unifit for...
  4. Scribbles

    11.5" rough -- choosing Toto Carlyle II, Vespin II, or Carolina II

    Hi everyone, we're doing a gut bath renovation and have discovered that the distance between finished wall and center of flange is 11.5". I've done as much math and homework as possible to figure out what's best but, being a total novice, have a few final questions. Please help! I've read a...
  5. AnTonC

    15.5 Inch Rough-in

    Hello, I know variations of the question get asked a lot, but here is my personal situation. I recently moved into a new (used) house with a basement bathroom where the toilet has a 15.5 inch rough-in (house built in 2012), which has almost a 5 inch gap between the tank and the wall. Because...
  6. JPChill

    Toto Unifit toilets supply line question

    This Forum has been such a help. Struggling with figuring out what to do about 14" rough ins on 1950 slab construction house. I replaced the toilets when I purchased the house in 2002 and I think I got the last 14" American standards as I have elongated bowl and under 29" lip to wall. Looking...
  7. Terry

    Replacing a 1929 14" rough toilet

    Sometimes we get called to replace old toilets from the 1920's that were roughed in at 14" from the back wall. Most of the time, the configeration of the bathroom is a little tight. When replacing, you can stick a standard 12" rough in, or install a 14" rough bowl that moves the sitting position...
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