1. Q

    Adding Vent to Laundry Standpipe

    Hi, I have a restricted trap below my laundry standpipe that can no longer handle the spin cycle output of my washing machine. It is the original installation from 1962; a 2" cast iron pipe goes below the concrete floor to a buried trap. Several times over the last 15 years I was able to...
  2. Arcanum

    Advice on standpipe move

    Hello. I hope I can get some advice from those with more experience than me at this particular situation. In the photo is my current washing machine outlet box and standpipe which I ultimately want to move to the left where indicated. I am removing a utility sink outside the photo frame to the...
  3. Redrabbitdownthehole

    Washer Standpipe and old 1-1/2” basement drain

    I recently replaced Laundry tub and faucet in my basement. I also had to replace the old metal 1-1/2" s-trap drain (leaking) and was thinking about adding a washer standpipe instead of having it drain into the tub. The house was built in the 1950’s and the drain pipe opening that goes into the...
  4. Grinch

    Standpipe clearance for basement drain

    Hi, I have an issue with my water softener/iron filter backwash lines. I am on a septic tank and my WS/filter are in the basement .I want to splice a wye adapter into the drain to install a p trap but code dictates a 18" standpipe. The 3" drain is hung from the floor joists as in the picture...
  5. RobinHell

    Water Softener Drain Into Hung Mainline

    Hello, I am installing a water softener, and I need to install a drain line. Problem is, I have nothing in the basement (such as a laundry tub) where I can run the line to an air gap (and then onto a drain). The photo shows my main line and source water. Can I replace the first vertical 45...
  6. JT and the DOG

    Old House - Floor drain, washer basin & new standpipe help

    Hi Folks, I'm a first time poster here, but I have been coming to the site for a couple of years now. My house (in Nebraska) came with a basin for the washing machine drain. See picture #1: That isn't terribly problematic, except that the basin empties into what seems to be a faulty floor...
  7. MrMark

    Dishwasher standpipe under sink

    I changed sinks in kitchen island. Two hole to one drain hole. Removed disposal and added a soap dispenser in the “extra” hole in the sink. Wisconsin allows a standpipe to be used and I knew it needed to be as high as possible. I used a tailpipe with the dishwasher port for a connection and it...
  8. Girafdaniels

    Washing Machine P Trap Too High/Standpipe Short?

    The bottom of my washing machine 2” p trap is 25” off the floor and the standpipe is 19” tall. I’ve read that the trap is supposed to be 6-18” off the floor and standpipe 18-30” tall. It’d be a lot of work with the way it’s all run to change the p trap height. I could, however lengthen the...
  9. David in Va

    Is this drain hookup for laundry sink and stand pipe OK?

    I have a laundry sink with 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe that hooks about two feet over to a sanitary T fitting (lower end to 2 inch drain pipe in basement floor, PVC 2 inch vent goes up to the roof - the vent also serves, through take-offs higher up, a shower drain and I believe also a toilet drain...
  10. John Bush

    Adding Washing Machine Standpipe in Basement

    Right now, my washing machine in the basement drains into one of those very old, super-heavy concrete utility sinks. The sink is starting to crack and leaking more often, it often clogs with the lint from the washer, and we're tired of switching out the mesh sock covers. I want to put in a...
  11. Jason Kartman

    Filled in sump pit...

    I bought a house as is and I was ripping up carpet in the basement. I found what looks like a filled in pit with a pipe leading outside. There is also a standpipe right outside the house where the pipe exits. Can anyone tell me what this is? Or what it was?
  12. Doug H

    Basement Laundry and sink remodel

    Have an old house, galvanized pipe drains and vents. Redoing laundry area where vent extends straight up from near floor drain across window. Framed wall and want to bring to 2" drain code, add standpipe for washer and move laundry tub to area where old vent extends. See pic. Will the assembly...
  13. Quan Vo

    Help with washer standpipe overflow

    I am having an issue with water overflow on the washer standpipe. We clogged and there wasn't anything blocking the pipe. I tested with the water supply hose for a few mins and ran into no issue. However, depends on the wash cycle, the volume of water discharged from the washer causing overflow...
  14. calj

    Troubleshooting Main Drainpipe Leakage & Possible Washer Standpipe Design Issue(s)

    I would like to get your recommendations on troubleshooting and fixing main drainpipe leakage and possible washer standpipe design issue(s). Background: One of our younger relatives remodeled our laundry room in our basement a couple of years ago and we have had some issues with our plumbing...
  15. DarkNova

    Standpipe used for HRV condensate getting clogged

    Hello, I have a standpipe in my basement which has a HRV and 2 minisplits draining condensate water into. So theoretically it should just be basically distilled condensate water going into the standpipe, and just dripping slowly down into it. The condensate tubing lines are only inserted a...
  16. sophist

    Dishwasher and Standpipe in Quebec

    Hello, Talking about Quebec Plumbing Code. Is it allowed to drain to a standpipe from a dishwasher? If the standpipe is already in use to drain from a washing machine, can the standpipe be used to drain from the dishwasher anyway? Thank you.
  17. ArcticLeaf

    Washer Drain Overflowing

    Hello Everyone! I’m at my wits end with my washer drain overflowing and would appreciate any advice. I live in a 1970s mobile home, so it has 1-1/2” plumbing for the washer stack and drain. In the fall of last year, I replaced my old washer with a new Speed Queen toploader. It worked fine...
  18. CheesecakeLover

    Standpipe for utility room (not washing machine)

    I have a utility closet in the basement with a furnace and one of the pipes (I think condensate pipe) always drips. I put a bucket on it and have to empty it every week in the summer; every 3 weeks or so in the winter. I also want to put a dehumidifier in that utility closet and it will have a...
  19. imscoop22

    Washer standpipe/drain/vent questions

    I am needing to re-locate my laundry room. I got a quote for the work that was way more than I can afford currently so I'm going to try and tackle this myself. Some of the decisions I've made (e.g. using a mechanical vent) are b/c I have to get this done quickly and as inexpensively as possible...
  20. Jharse

    Standpipe or Clog?

    My washer overfills from the standpipe. Do I need to extend the standpipe or should I call someone to snake it out? If I extend the standpipe, I would need a longer hose for the washer. From what I've been reading online, my P trap is higher off the ground than most. Any suggestions would be...
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