1. John Williamson

    Lawn Sprinkler Chemical Injection

    As a lockdown project I'm trying to complete a lawn sprinkler system I started last year (in the previous lockdown). I have two sprinklers which are on timers to irrigate my lawn which work really well. My pressure at the tap is 46 PSI (approx. 3.17 bar). I would like to be able to inject/mix...
  2. texbob

    Almost no pressure in 4 out of 6 zones

    What would cause low pressure in 4 zones - 1, 2, 4 and 6 (entire front yard and zone 6 in the back of the house)? Water barely trickles out of each sprinkler head in these zones, but pressure is fine in zones 3 and 5. There are 3 anti-siphon values (see attached drawing indicated by v v in...
  3. Mike will

    New hose Bibb low flow

    Good day ladies and gents, Recently I had to swap out a hose Bibb due to leaking, and I ended up getting a cool 1/4 turn one from Lowe’s. The problem that I’m having though is now when I run my sprinklers, I notice the other side of my house is running full pressure and the side with the new...
  4. KD_19

    Flooded Irrigation Meter Box - help!

    Hi All! We recently purchased our first home and are very new to all things home ownership but particularly irrigation systems. We have 2 water meter boxes coming in from the city - 1 for the sprinkler system, 1 for the house. The meter box for irrigation keeps flooding with water, overflowing...
  5. gonif

    Male vs female spray heads

    Hi, I have what may be kind of a dumb question, but here goes... I'm replacing the standard popup spray heads in my back yard with MP Rotators. I bought the Rotators and then realized that most of my current spray heads are male threaded, while the Rotators I bought are female threaded. The...
  6. Jason Burbank

    Sprinklers worked, now not at all. For no apparent reason.

    My sprinklers worked fine a month ago and then I turned them off at the timer because it was raining. Now I've tried to turn them back on to no avail. I reset the timer, didn't work. I even tried to turn them on manually both at the timer and manually at the valve by turning the little knob...
  7. kittyfranklin

    How to know which zone on valve goes to which sprinklers

    Hi, My husband and I just bought this house and we're trying to figure out which zone goes to which sprinklers because some of the sprinklers are fine, and other ones we need to fix/replace the entire zone's pipes/sprinklers. The valve we have is the FIMCO Hydro-indexing valve. This is pretty...
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