1. Marcus12345

    Water softener and sediment filter drain lines

    Hi— I have an auto-backwashing sediment filter (for well water) y’d into the drain line from the water softener. My sediment filter malfunctioned and backwashed continuously for over a week (!) before we discovered it. The brine tank did not overfill. But we noticed the water now tastes...
  2. Mike U.

    Good Water Softener Seller?

    Hello. I'm currently on a quest to replace a 24 year old water softener system with all new equipment. Definitely wanting to do the installation myself. I've spent the last week or so absorbing as much knowledge as I could on the subject. This forum has contributed large amounts to my newly...
  3. Jrland

    Iron and manganese removal

    Hi all, I've been researching softeners and iron and manganese filters for a while now and I don't feel much further along than when I started. I see a lot about the Pro Ox filter but I have a couple of concerns the first being that there is a moving part inside the tank. Another is that it...
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