1. Darkflux

    Bonding rubber to plastic...

    Wasn't sure where to put this. I have a washing machine that has worked for over 2 decades, but just now decided to leak...but not from a crack in a tube or hose or even some crack in the large plastic tub. It is actually trickle-leaking from the hole in the side of the tub where the bleach...
  2. Kaymandavis

    Shower drain pipe (riser) not plumb

    I have an Oatey brass 'no caulk' shower drain. It uses a rubber gasket that sits over the PVC drain pipe (riser, correct?). The riser is enough out of plumb that the rubber gasket doesn't seal properly. I did a leak test and it failed. Before opening up the basement ceiling and cutting pipes to...
  3. jammy

    Silicon tubing burst in fridge application

    Hi: I was repairing a leaky water tube between the water pump and icemaker/water dispenser in a Kenmore Elite refrigerator model # 79571033010. The OEM tubing is a white plastic tube part # MJU62070602. I had to splice a small section of a new tube, so I used a piece of 5/16" OD silicone tube...
  4. Sting

    Should I fill silicone into wall anchor in tiled shower?

    Hi! Looking to install some accessories (hand shower rail) in a tiled shower. I have seen folks either fill silicone into the drilled hole and insert the anchor, or, insert the anchor and fill in with silicone. Is this required? Any preference? Also, in your opinion which of these anchors...
  5. Flapper

    Silicone vs PVC flapper

    Most flappers are apparently silicone rubber but I've found special PVC ("vinyl") flappers for sale by the manufacturers, but not in stores. Is there any benefit of using PVC flappers? Do they last longer? Are they more resistant to chemicals? Why do they make them?
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