roof vent

  1. Brian Kehlmeier

    Is tying into the existing stack or adding a new roof penetration preferred?

    I am DIYing the plumbing in my new addition and planned on tying the drains into the main stack in the basement and also the vents into the main stack in the attic. As with all of these projects, little questions pop up that I did not anticipate, like this one: If I am going to insert a hard...
  2. ChrisBuzzard

    Vent stack venting through roof of 1st floor dormer

    Hello, if someone could answer a question for me I would really appreciate it. We are building an a-frame house that has a dormer off to one side with a shower and sauna in it. It would simplify things greatly if I could run the vent stack for all the 1st floor plumbing through this dormer roof...
  3. TheOverThinker

    Solid ABS ASTM D-2661 for use above the roofline for DWV vents?

    In my area I can only find ASTM F-628 Foam core pipe, not ASTM D-2661 solid ABS pipe. Given that, what material can I use for roof penetrations, that will hold up in the sun? I see a lot of roofs with ASTM F-628 foam core pipe vents, where after a few years the vent look chalky and sun damaged...
  4. TheOverThinker

    How can I tell if a roof drain waste vent is no longer connected below?

    I have a 1.5" galvanized plumbing vent that comes up out of a wall.... yet there's nothing obviously below it. The other vents all match up to fixtures below... this one not so much. This is a 1926 home, two story, stucco, lathe and plaster. How can I determine where it goes, and if it's...
  5. Dohc

    WI Size of a single Roof Vent

    Trying to understand the WI plumbing code in connection to the roof vent. We are in the planning stages of a home remodel. The original house plumbing has 4 inch PVC that exits the basement out to the septic. Inside the basement the PVC runs about 25 feet horizontally (at about 7' AFF in the...
  6. MIKEMCD77

    Furnace roof vent

    I have a 6" diameter roof vent for my gas furnace. I want to replace the vent. Is it OK to replace it with a 4" diameter vent? Here is the info on my furnace: XE-90 gas furnace; Trane (American Standard) “high efficiency.” Mine is a Downflow and “NON-direct vent”; 74,000 BTUH capacity...
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