roman tub

  1. Lvrpl

    Delta R2707-PX, Help installing new roman tub faucet valves

    I've got to put a new roman tub faucet in our master and was hoping for some advice. I'm trying to avoid soldering/sweating as I don't do it nearly enough to be reliable. To that end, I'd like to use PEX if it's a viable option. I intend to use a Delta faucet. The current valve that's being...
  2. Tcmdmba

    Help me ID roman bath faucet fixture (mid-90s construction)

    Can anybody help me identify this roman tub faucet? The house was built in 1994. The other bathrooms have been updated with Moen fixtures. This roman tub and the two matching lavatory faucets don't appear to have brands anywhere. I have an easy time believing they were some cheap contractor...
  3. Trevor Silverthorne

    Roman Tub Faucet Low Pressure

    We have a garden tub with a Moen roman tub faucet. I believe it’s from around 2006 when the home was built. Since we’ve lived here (4 years) the faucet has really low water pressure (hot and cold). We never use the tub because it would probably take a good 40 minutes to fill it up. The...
  4. Dann0

    Help with Roman Tub drain

    All - I need some advice on how to handle a drain connection. I am starting a DIY remodel on an old roman tub (1970's) and need some advice and ideas on how best to connect a new freestanding acrylic tub to existing roman tub drain. I'm trying to minimize any demo work or digging into or messing...
  5. garymaurizi

    Roman tub build (Please help! considering divot method)

    Hi Ladies & Gentlemen, I've been a lurker on this forum for 4+ years while I planned out this project & remodel, and have gained an invaluable amount of knowledge and just wanted to start with a very big thank you! My name is Gary, I've worked as 2nd hand and apprentice in many different...
  6. Terry

    Grohe Roman Tub Valve Repair, 45346000 stems

    Here is a Grohe Roman Tub faucet repair I did the other day. The handles pull off the stems. I'm wishing I had take pictures of that. This was installed on a wood deck. Not my favorite thing to see. Wood can and does compress over time. The Grohe 45.346.000 stem seemed to work for it.
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