radiant heating

  1. H

    Newly Commissioned Radiant System Not Keeping Up

    Hello there. Have been lurking around these forums for a couple of years now and probably should have asked questions sooner when designing and planning my radiant system for my old house (1920s). After some years of renovation, I finally have almost all my loops up and ready to go. I hastily...
  2. Dohc

    Distance from Joist Hole to PEX Heat Transfer Plate

    What is an appropriate distance from the hole in a joist to the start of the PEX Heat Transfer Plate? Using 1/2" PEX-A. Reading over all of the documentation I could find I am guessing 8" is good? Or would 6" be ok? Thank you
  3. Cadobe

    Radiant heating wall

    The pex pipe that I like to run for the wall would be like serpentine with both ends penetrating the floor, one end going to supply and one end going to return line. But how should I feed/supply the serpentine with hot water? From the left or from the right on the bottom? My thoughts are feeding...
  4. Ameli0rate

    Bathroom remodel - electric radiant floor heating?

    From those who have it (and my memories of it in Europe in the 70's and 80's) it's amazing and a must-have. So we're planning a bathroom remodel, and currently have forced air furnace/AC for the house and the master bath has that little Nutone 1950's looking heater fan in the ceiling. It's...
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