1. Lukasny

    Dropping water pressure after neutralize refill

    My water pressure started to act up right after company added neutralizer. When I turn on water it will go almost normally but within seconds starts to drop pressure. I can't use sink and shower at the same time. When I bypass softener pressure is constant and strong. Any ideas what is...
  2. Rick M

    Kinetico FLT/SFT Para-Flo 4040 Quad tank with neutralizer?

    I just bought a home near Fort Mill, SC and the seller said the Kinetico Water Softener was offline because it needs a "rebuild and new resin and neutralizer". I called a Kinetico dealer and he came out, tested the water and it was slightly acid at about 6.0ph and 5 grains of hardness. It...
  3. s00316

    Water softener and Neutralizer Drain Problem

    I have water softener and neutralizer on basement but I do not have any floor drain or access to main drain. (I mean I am sure it is in somewhere under slab but that would cost me too much to dig out the floor, etc.) Sump pit and pump is not an option for me. For now, previous owner, connected...
  4. Leonard Bayard

    Short acid neutralizer life

    I have a Navien NHB-150 boiler and have been going through neutralizer at a fairly fast clip. My plumber installed a Saniflo sanicondens and it used up the round granules in about two weeks. I switched the granules to the Rinnai rocks (about 2lbs) and that only lasted just over a month. The ph...
  5. Jasonir129

    Well filtration fun in MD -- acidic hard water

    Hi guys, new to the forum. Lots of helpful stuff here, looking to get some feedback on well filtration setup. I know you guys say there's no "one size fits all", so I'll give details from our water testing. The current setup is just a cartridge sediment filter and a calcite based neutralizer...
  6. PEW

    Neutralizer bed turned to rock

    Have been using the neutralizer for over 30 years, never a problem. When the bed gets low (calcite), would clean it out and refill. This time, found my ph low so opened it up only to find it hard as a rock. Current bed has been there for probably close to 8 years. The unit is plumbed to...
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