1. V

    Do you need a Vapor Barrier in Zone 5A Basement with rockwool insulation?

    Thank you everyone in advance. I’ve been researching this topic for awhile and have been going in circles. Here is the background: 1. Climate Zone 5A 2. Basement is all concrete block with about 18-24” above grade. 3. 1997 construction, not sure if the block is treated with any repellent, almost...
  2. H

    Protecting Brick Inside Finished Walls

    Hello- Seeking some advice or suggestions. I've completely stripped down a small bedroom in my house, revealing the raw brick that lay hidden behind the walls. As I proceed with the project, which involves insulating and adding new drywall, I would greatly appreciate a recommendation regarding...
  3. Djford88

    Insulating Basement Cantilever and Walls

    Hello All, Looking for comments on my strategy to insulate the basement in my split foyer home built in the 1960s. Walk out on the back side with partially buried walls on the front and sides (graded up the side walls to about 3 foot buried walls in the front) living in zone 4A (we get all four...
  4. Borisj

    How much of a water heater’s *cold* line should I insulate?

    Hello, I’m installing an electric tank water heater (Rheem Marathon) in a conditioned space. The hot pipe will be insulated all the way. But how many feet of the cold (supply) line should I insulate? The pipe for it goes up 6in, sideways 8in, then down 6 *ft* through a floor. CA requires...
  5. Brandon Kelling

    Water Main Using PEX ??

    Any help is appreciated; while working under my house I found that my water in was dripping at the white coupling so I decided to tighten it ....which that fixed the leak. My Question is; what is the valve shown with the red arrow ? is it necessary ? The yellow arrow is pointing at what I...
  6. Bert Lee

    Removing Spray On Insulation from Pipes

    I want to replace an outdoor which would normally be a very straightforward homeowner job for me but when I looked at what's there and what I'd need I was reminded that the entire sill had been nicely spray foam insulated and the current valve, connection and part of the feed pipe and well...
  7. Pete Bridwell

    Bathroom Insulation w/wo vapor barrier

    We're remodeling our master bath and would like to sound proof the interior walls with insulation. All the walls will be covered in moisture proof drywall, except the shower, which is getting cement board and tile. I've researched insulation with and without vapor barriers and get a mix of...
  8. Birdlove

    Insulating behind wall hung toilet on exterior wall

    We planned to install a Geberit DuoFix in-wall system for 2x6 wall, but are considering using the one for 2x4 wall to allow for more space behind the unit for more insulation. This is going on an exterior wall, which is why we are concerned about insulation. The exterior walls have been gutted...
  9. SaltspringSunset

    Insulating water intake?

    Hey DIY friends! We've recently bought an old house, and it has a few... sketchy things going on ;) Definitely a learning curve from renter to owner too... Aside from a lot of very questionable renos to our quirky place, someone had the water redone a few years ago and the plumber stuck it...
  10. Russell Harris

    PEX-A in unconditioned crawl space

    Hello, I'm about to start work on the re-piping for a 1952 ranch built on pier and beam in Central Texas. I'll be using PEX-A pipe and expansion fittings/manifolds. The question regards insulation of the PEX piping. In the code for City of Austin, it mentions that supply 'piping' in an...
  11. Marina

    Old Pipe Insulation Identification

    Hi, Attached are photos of old insulation wrapped on cold water pipes in my basement. Does anyone recognize what they are made of? I am most concerned they may contain asbestos, but would also like some ides of what it is. The house was built in the mid-60s. Thanks, Marina
  12. susque70

    Pipe failure from mini-split A/C install

    I'm a home owner that received a very unpleasant call while vacationing in Yellowstone from our dog sitter informing us that our downstairs bedroom ceiling had collapsed. repairs needed to the plaster ceiling, two plaster walls and hardwoods in need of refinishing. i am grateful the damage...
  13. Brady Grant

    Water Line Freeze Protection (Commercial)

    3/4" Domestic Water line is running along a Building Relief Damper. This Relief damper modulates open / close to maintain a building static pressure. This makes the water line exposed to really cold weather in the winter time. Mechanical Failure of the dampers can bring even more cold air...
  14. Xiaotian Guo

    Replacing drywall with kerdi board and freezing risk

    Hi all, The small alcove shower(34x38) in the bathroom I am remodeling, has its plumbing fixture in exterior wall (6-inch). It had to be done this way because the opposite wall has 2 DWV pipes, including the main stack running through it. For the last 30 years it worked fine, behind the...
  15. viennashade

    Caulkless Shower on Exterior Wall - What Insulation?

    Had "Accord Smooth" tub & shower by Sterling Kohler installed. The long side wall of the shower is on an exterior wall. Previous shower was installed on regular bare drywall so I had them take that all out. Sterling insists the unit has to be installed direct to the studs; I understand part of...
  16. JAM504

    Protecting pipe insulation from rodents?

    I've looked through this forum and others and I'm surprise that I have found little to no advice for this. I'm planning a full upstairs bathroom remodel including all the plumbing. I'll be running PEX (let's not start a PEX vs copper debate, haha). While I had all the walls and floors open I...
  17. Fredalbee123

    Bay Window, Rodents, and Mold

    Hello all, I am in the process of finishing my basement. In a search of the forum, I found some other threads regarding bay window and insulating the joists below, but nothing that is directly applicable to my situation. Please reference photos and details below. I moved into the house 5...
  18. Geran

    Basement insulation for walls and floors

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of finishing my basement. I've put up the 2x4 walls (they have 1" xps as a capillary break) it is time for the flooring and insulation. This is where I need some help. For insulation purposes, I live in Maryland (climate zone 4). Walls My idea is to...
  19. Vinmassaro

    Reducing negative house pressure?

    I purchased a home from 1958 a few years ago and it underwent a major renovation (all new windows and doors, main level ceiling torn down and reinsulated). The house is a split level with two fireplaces, one upstairs and one downstairs, with separate flues. The first time I lit the upstairs...
  20. AcidWater

    Vapor barrier facing in transition room between heated & not areas?

    Between the back wall of my garage and the heated basement area there is a small workshop room that does not have duct work (but the main duct runs thru the overhead, so some heat from that). Both the garage & this room are damp. Block wall B is below grade & moisture comes from it. This room...
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