1. Snorp

    Badger 5 Install OOPS - Easy way out?

    Hello folks. It's been awhile since I was last here. I appreciate what you guys do to help us DIYers muddling through our projects. I'll be brief. Installed a Badger 5 today in a tight space - tight because of the plumbing layout. Tested it - metallic clanking sound. Then I realized that I...
  2. Dylan

    Insinkerator pro-line

    Was researching garbage disposal and saw Insinkerator has a pro-line of garbage disposals. Is anyone familiar with these pro models or have experience with them? They're targeted to professionals but can be picked up at plumbing supply stores. Here Ferguson and a few others stock them. Pr0 750...
  3. Terry

    When should you replace your disposal? How long do they last?

    I like to replace disposals at eight years. If you ask the manufacturer, they will tell you they are good for 15 years. Well..........maybe that can happen. What can also happen is that the blades get dull and they start peeling instead of chipping and the need to call a plumber to clear your...
  4. Terry

    Split trap adapter to kitchen sink

    I don't see this often. In fact maybe I never see it, but yesterday I did. There was a leak where the p-trap was fitted to the ABS trap adapter. Everything was so tight I need pliers to loosen things up. Normally those are hand tight on plastic fittings. You can see the split on the left...
  5. Terry

    Disposer leak at basket. The snap ring not fully engaged.

    Here was a disposer leak at the connection between the disposer rubber seal and the basket, caused by the installer not seating the snap ring in the groove. You can see on the right side the snap ring sticking out, and on the left how it's hidden. Everything looked fine to the handyman that...
  6. Terry

    Kitchen sink replacement. A new stainless steel sink by Kohler

    Here are some pictures of a sink replacement in an older home. Kohler makes a nice stainless sink replacement for those. Here is the old sink and piping that was removed. The wrong way. There should have been only one trap for this. New basket and disposer, the Insinkerator 880LT 7/8 HP...
  7. Terry

    Insinkerator Instant Hot, Contour Installation Tips, plumbinghacks

    Insinkerator has a new Contour model Instant Hot with a different installation method than the old twist top dispenser. Instead of pulling the cap and using a screw driver to install like their previous model that I had installed for years, it switched things up and went with a small wing nut...
  8. Terry

    When should I replace my disposer on my kitchen sink?

    When should I replace my disposer on my kitchen sink? Homeowners ask me that all the time. Normally they wait until they no longer spin, not knowing that the clogs they had been getting are related to the poor performance of the chipping blades of the disposer. When they are no longer sharp...
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