1. P

    Is My Underfloor Hydronic Pump Undersized?

    I live in a two storey, two bedroom, two bathroom condo with hydronic heating for both floors. Heating is divided into four loops, each 300 feet long, 3/8" Pex. In case it makes any difference, I have a Bradford White combined potable/underfloor heating water heater rated at 65,000 BTU. The...
  2. Rieker8597

    Replacing circulating pump, How do I vent the system??

    So the instructions say "Do not start the pump until the system has been filled with liquid and vented." I am not a professional but I don't have $1,200 to spend on a HVAC. I got the Alpha2 15-55f pump. What does it mean to vent the system and how do you do it?
  3. Thinly9172

    Well Pump Sizing - Multiple Homes on Rural Property

    Hi, I am trying to size a well pump for my rural property and having trouble with the overwhelming number of options. The property will have 3 one bed/bath single level homes plus an RV hookup. All homes will be within ~150' of the pumphouse where our pressure tank and filtration system will be...
  4. TaylorN

    Hot Water Recirculation pump stops working and appears to overheat

    I have a Grundfos UP 15-18SU hot water recirculating pump to distribute hot water from my hot water heater throughout our 3600sqft house to showers and faucets. It runs for 12hours each day and has been that way for at least 4 years we have been living here. Just noticed a week ago that it...
  5. Jstens

    Cannot Adjust Pressure On Grundfos Scala 2

    I have a Grundfos Scala 2 pump and cannot adjust the pressure. When I try to increase pressure using the up button, the STOP light by the power button lights up. I can’t get it to go past past the second pressure light.
  6. TheOverThinker

    11 units of apartments -- cold feed flowing through two 100 gallon tanks in 1" copper?

    I'm reactivating a 1980's era solar thermal system that's been out of service for about 15-20 years. It's all working now, but I have a concern. The potable water solar loop has two 100 gallon tanks. The tank hot goes via 1" pipe to meet the 2" cold feed to the 120 gallon commercial gas water...
  7. Alpine_Junky

    HELP! Submersible pump inoperable after 3 days; Ideas?

    Grundfos SQ Flex Submersible Pump – 6SQF-3 installed 300' deep with schedule 120 pipe and wired for 240; no controller as pump has internal. Worked for a few days; abruptly quit. Power going down the well, no draw, no instances of a breaker tripping. -Schedule 120 pipe; did not use a torque...
  8. Kantdaddy

    Grundfos CMBE Booster Pump

    I have a CMBE 5-62 installed in my crawlspace. It is on city water, but with low pressure. Lately, the pump is running intermittently when there is no water demand. It runs for 6 seconds with 21 seconds of rest. so, basically all night long it runs for 6 seconds, every 30 seconds. What could...
  9. Brad Wilkinson

    "Continuous" Grundfos recirculation pump stops and starts! Why??

    I just moved into my new house, where I got a looped hot water recirculation system installed. I had asked the plumber if he was installing a pump that would sense the water temperature and run as needed, and he said "Yes, it has a built-in temperature sensor, but they usually run all the time"...
  10. W Kunz

    Grundfos MQ45 Won't Start

    I have a grundfos MQ45 that I rebuilt the impellers in and now it will not start. I installed a new capacitor and still nothing. The lights come and it says "pump running" but nothing is happening. It sounds like it tries to start initially and then nothing happens. I can easily rotate the pump...
  11. Tboswel1

    Air in water line -contant pressure system.

    Hello All, I have an older well drilled in about 1960 it's shallow (~70 feet deep). About 1.5 years ago we switched over to the grundfos/aquasol 2 constant pressure system and didn't have any issues with it. Also installed a pelican salt free softener and pH neutralizer (injector pump). Has a...
  12. TimCL

    Gundfos SQE overload. Converted to CSV and still problems. Replacement pump?

    I have had the Grundfos CU301 and 10SQE05-160 (10gpm 1/2hp 160' of head) in a 24" 40' bored well with 12gpm flow for 5 years with no issues until a month ago. Issues started one night where the CU301 indicated overload, I believe this happens in pumps built in electronics/VFD when the pump...
  13. Hal_Ferguson78

    Pump fail on SQFlex, replace with 115vac inverter driven?

    Greetings Forum! My Grundfos Model 3 SQF-2 pump (part of their SQFlex system with CU200 controller and provided PV panels) has failed and am considering replacing the pump with a 115vac single phase pump of 1/2 HP or less. I pulled the pump, know that the cable is good, and that the pump...
  14. Bigdaddy74

    Grundfos water pressure issue

    I have a grundfos sqe 1hp pump that was hooked to a CU301. I have just converted it to a PK1A cycle stop valve kit thinking maybe my controller was telling my pump to act the way it was. I have the same concern on both the CU301 and the CSV. My concern is that when you turn on water (lets say...
  15. ConstantPressure

    Grundfos Constant Pressure System

    Post deleted.
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