floor drain

  1. Caryncbreeef

    Floor Drain question / WH proximity to Subpanel question

    Hello folks, after three long years getting ready to finish this project. I’ll try to make this simple and clear. Installing a Rheem Proterra 50 gallon Hybrid WH. With regards to subpanel, i have 28” from corner of utility room (where plumbing is) to RH of Subpanel. Code seems to say I need...
  2. C

    Problematic sink drain S trap

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and I'm here because I'm mid bathroom remodel. I have a pedestal sink with some franken-plumbing for the drain, which exits through the floor. Would prefer to find a fix that doesn't force me to open up the floor. Would also like to meet code (P trap) but that's...
  3. S

    Kitchen & floor drains, perhaps under cabinets.

    Hello I’m curious to know the function & cautions of installing a floor drain in the kitchen. Of course I’d add trap primers and such, but wondering if that would be worthwhile idea in a residential space. I already fairly convinced a laundry room and perhaps any room with an ice maker or...
  4. C

    Converting Rough In Shower Drain to Extra Floor Drain?

    Hi there, My first post. I have been googling answers to plumbing questions and every time the name Terry Love comes up with answers! So well done. I am redoing my laundry solution as well as adding a powder room in the basement. We decided to move the laundry to the basement and we also...
  5. NickLo

    Sink drain into floor drain.

    Hello everyone. I did not see a post about this and wanted to check how the best way (following code) to do this.. I wanted to install a sink for a wet bar in my basement. I have a floor drain that connects to a sump that is connected to my main septic tank. The floor drain also catches any...
  6. divinemissem

    Washing Machine Drain

    I just moved into a duplex from an apartment and the washer/dryer is set up in the basement. Today, I went to run a cycle just with an appliance cleaning powder (LemiShine) and monitored it closely. I've never had this kind of washer before, so I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. As...
  7. Soparklion

    80 yr old cast iron drain pipe...

    my home is 80 yrs old. Due to another incident, I'm replacing the basement floor drain. The joints that I can see appear to be in good condition. The pipe isn't corroded through that I can tell. A plumber friend suggests that I have the whole house replaced... any opinions? Should I insist...
  8. Soparklion

    Basement Floor Drain Pipe Collapsed - demo first or call?

    My house was built in 1942 and was flipped once. There are two waste stacks. One enters the concrete slab as plastic before picking picking up more waste from a laundry tub and floor drain. Last week, the washing machine discharged into the laundry tub and that water was regurgitated up the...
  9. BamBoozzled

    When I turn on my Air Conditioner my laundry room drain smells.

    Hi everyone! First post here looking for some help! A couple years ago we had a sewer backup that left us with 3 feet of water in our basement. After that we had to replace our air conditioner and we started to smell sewer (the same smell from the flood) around our house. We thought it was the...
  10. Chris Krafcky

    Basement Floor Drain Advice

    Hello - I'm new to this site, and this will be my first post. What I"m looking for is some guidance/advice on replacing the floor drain in my basement. In everything I do, I try to ensure that local code in NYC is followed to the best of my ability, but in situations where it isn't possible...
  11. JordanF

    Basement floor drain too close to new Laundry Wall?

    I'm enclosing a 1950's basement laundry room area. There is a floor drain that is in the path of the newly planned laundry room wall and door that I want to build to enclose the space. I can get about 1"-2" of clearance from the old floor drain to the finished laundry room wall. I can't get...
  12. TAPlumbing

    Shower Drain connect to existing 2-inch threaded Copper

    Hello! I’m renovating my second floor bathroom. I want to reconnect to an existing threaded, 2-inch copper pipe that served the old shower floor drain. As you can see from the picture, the pipe extends about one inch above the 1/2 hardibacker subfloor. The plan is to build up a mortar bed...
  13. James55

    Question on floor drain for water heater

    I have to install a floor drain for a water heater that is located in a closet. Installing the drain is not a problem. My question has to do with how the water heater TPR valve drains. 1. Do I set it up so that the TPR valve drains into the water heater pan, and then have the water heater...
  14. KS99

    Corroded cast iron basement floor drain with no trap. Cap? Also other issues

    I have 2 issues - capping a basement floor drain, and subsequent re-routing of A/C condensate line. My house was built in the '50s and I have cast iron waste pipes in the basement. There is a 4" drain in the basement floor by the washer that has no trap. The walls of the pipe are extremely...
  15. MSiep

    Drain bar sink to mechanical room floor drain?

    Would this be acceptable with respect to IRC 2018? The furnace and humidifier already drain to the floor drain. I'm wondering if I can add a bar sink on the other side of the wall and drain it to the floor drain in a similar manner:
  16. Darrin Alcorn

    Shower/Tub using floor drain?

    I know there is an obvious answer to this since I never see it, but can someone tell me why you can't share a drain, whether a linear shower drain or a traditional circular floor drain, for a tub and shower? I am thinking specifically in the case where you want to build a "wet room" where...
  17. Nancy Johnson

    Un-trapped Basement Drains!

    I'd love to add traps to existing basement floor drains. We have lived with a stinky basement for 35 years and I'm really tired of it. I'm thinking that the floor needs to be broken out around the drains and new trapped connections installed.Will this be a huge expensive deal in a 1915 house?
  18. trijohn

    Garage floor drain backs up during heavy rain.

    Im in Buffalo NY, my small neighborhood, a Buffalo suburb called Williamsville, was built during late 1950's. I few of us have garage floor drains. The neighbors tell me there is a problem with the storm sewers in the area. I get up to 6" of water in the drain area when we get heavy rain. It...
  19. Rafter

    Basement Plumbing Additions--Kitchenette and Laundry Venting

    Can I use AAV to vent both a kitchen sink and a laundry room? There are two vent stacks that penetrate the roof on my house. There is not a vent stack that comes down into the basement all are drain lines and soil stacks. Running a new vent stack is impractical as it would involve running up...
  20. J Fairman

    Plumbing into open drain

    As a new homeowner and DIY'er, thank you to Terry and everyone who contributes to this website. I have found a lot of great information on this site. Now to my issue. I have a slab ranch with an open drain (4.25" opening) in my laundry room. The former owner had a utility sink over the drain...
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