1. B

    Advice on which softener / combo reduces chloramines best?

    Hey everyone, sorry for the newbie kind of post, but I'm really getting confused with all the softener options out there. We are on City water Hardness: 8-11 Grains/gallon per city website - I measured 9-10 Total hardness: 110-180 ppm Total dissolved solids: 180-220 Chloramines: 3.4 ppm Total...
  2. Woodman7

    Fleck 9100SXT Turbine meters keep failing

    I have a Fleck 9100 SXT with a turbine meter and stainless bypass valve. The turbine meters keep failing and I have to replace them. The magnets on the turbine wheel develop rust and interfere with the cage. Is it possible to replace the turbine meter with the paddle wheel flow meter? Will...
  3. Mowmow

    Fleck 9100 SXT over old Kinetico tanks

    Hi all, I've just purchased a Fleck 9100 SXT to replace the Kinetico Model 100 valve head. I've been performing most of the maintenance on the K100 since I bought my home about 18 years ago, but I paid to have the media replaced a few years ago. It has the number 6 wheel. When it's behaving...
  4. Vanste777

    Fleck Softener?

    I'm on well water with 24 GPG hardness + 2 GPG for .5PPM iron. We're a family of 5 averaging 400 gallons per day. Correct me if I'm wrong, but my math is coming out to roughly 73,000 grains. 26 GPG x 400 = 10,400 x 7 = 72,800 GPG. At 65% efficiency I would need a 112,000 GPG unit. I was...
  5. Frieda

    Fleck 5800sxt Cloudy water

    Hello Everyone, With the help of this forum and the immense knowledge gained, I was able to buy a water softener and install it myself! I am getting cloudy water 4/10 times I fill a glass of water. I assume this is still safe to drink as its just salt leaking into the water. I am trying to...
  6. GLT

    Water Softener Pipe Threads: Tapered or Straight?

    I installed a new softener and used 1 inch PEX to run new water lines. All went great, except for two very slow leaks between water softener connecter and the brass female pipe (NPT) to PEX fitting. Leaks about 1 drop every 5 minutes, tightening the fittings has not really changed the rate. The...
  7. GLT

    Wrong Injector in Fleck 5810?

    I believe my Fleck 5810 softener has the wrong injector installed and need some advice on what to do. I have a 9x48 tank with 1 cu/ft resin and city water at 15 grains. My valve has a White injector which I think belongs in at 14"-16" tank. My 9" tank should have a Violet injector according to...
  8. Hud

    Advice on new softener.

    Plan to replace my current softener with a Fleck 5810SXT and would appreciate comments on a couple items. City water; 15 grains; no iron, 0.6Clorine; code requires 1" plumbing. 2 person household, 90 day average soft water consumption is 75 gallons per day. 1. Is 10% resin a good option. 2. I...
  9. Hud

    Repair or Replace 8 year old Softener

    I own 8 year old Fleck 5600SXT 24,000 that seems to be dying. I purchased it 'new' but have some doubts as to the integrity of the vendor. I think he might be one of those guys who 'refurbishes' old machines and sells them as new, either way after 8 years he is nowhere to be found. The capacity...
  10. tokun

    Using salt but not softening

    I have a year old Fleck 5600XT. A few days ago I noticed that it wasn’t softening the water and I discovered that the brine tank had a salt bridge. I broke it up and filled it with more salt. Now it is able to draw salt from the brine tank, but it isn’t actually softening the water. I’ve ran a...
  11. Jason Krein

    Fleck 5600 Salty After Flush With No Water

    Hello: I left on vacation and turned off my well pump (like I usually do) when I go on vacation. When I came back, my Fleck unit had attempted to flush itself and only had a little water to start (from whatever was left in the pressure tank). The valve was making some high-pitched sounds /...
  12. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    On-Demand Twin-Tank Clack?

    I was informed by one vendor, thus... "The WS1 Twin can not be set up in a system 14 configuration utilizing both tanks at the same time for higher flow rates. This is only available on commercial softening equipment." Confusingly, there is an apparent contradiction in this brochure for the...
  13. JP1

    Fleck 5600 not measuring water used

    My 8-yr-old Fleck 5600 SXT has stopped measuring water used. Assuming the turbine flowmeter is at fault (again) I unplugged the cable from the flowmeter and tested it with a magnet. The flow indicator began flashing, which I take to indicate the cable is good, HOWEVER, even after over 100 passes...
  14. Nakorkren

    Fleck 9100 SXT not drawing brine, cam stops in wrong spot

    I recently bought a house with a Fleck 9100 SXT, twin 24k grain tanks. The unit has not consumed any salt in since we moved in about a year ago, and I have finally gotten around to looking into it (newborn and toddler consume my free time). The drain line runs just fine, I cleaned the two...
  15. Mike_Pk

    Is Pelican salt softener good vs Fleck? + asking for advice

    Precondition: - I want salt water softener - I have a city water - 3 people in the household, looking for up to 48K grain item - 2 full bath, 1 half bath in house - live nearby Houston. Have not completed water test yet - looking for DIY solution, budget is up to $1200. - House is not...
  16. BobNagrom

    Installing Fleck 5600SE

    Need some help. Purchased a Fleck 5600SE water softener. The guy I purchased it from delivered it and was to return the following weekend to install. That was months ago. I decided to tackle the job myself. Plumbing went fine. Softener installed. No leaks. Problem is programming. My old one...
  17. SuperGreg

    Fleck 7000 rebuild questions

    Hi everybody, I've got a Cascadian ultrafilter that uses a Fleck 7000 XTR head. I just noticed that it's leaking water to the drain constantly, so I assume it's time to rebuild the valve. It's probably only around 6 years old now, but I'm not surprised given the condition of our water. As I...
  18. Nami

    Fleck 5800sxt not regenerating

    Hi, I recently set up my water softener with these settings: Fleck 5800SXT Settings: DF = Gal VT = 5800 RF = UFbd CT = Fd C = 48.1 H = 23 RS = rc RC = 300 DO = 28 RT = 3:00 BD = 145 BW = 10 RR = 5 BF = 43 FM = t0.7 RE = OFF VR = OFF Currently, the flashing display shows that there are only 50...
  19. Nami

    Fleck 5800 sxt programming and upflow questions

    Hi, I just registered for these forums after trying to program and install my water softener this past week. I couldn't find any previous posts regarding my questions so I was wondering if someone could help me with my questions. First off, I bought a Fleck 5800 sxt water softener 64,000...
  20. J0501

    Fleck 5600sxt questions

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