fleck 5600 sxt

  1. Offguard-2

    1 1/4"Copper to 5800 SXT 1" Connection

    My house has an external copper loop that was installed by the plumber so we could add a WS at a later date. The copper loop (water line) is 1 1/4". I'm looking to connect the 1 1/4" copper to the 1" adapter on the valve. What is the best way to achieve this connection? Other information: 3.5...
  2. Dwest36

    Very hard water, Dumb blonde, water softener not programmed correctly. Fleck 5600se, please help!!

    Hello friends! Complete idiot here, and believe me I’ve tried everything before I reached out here. Basically I have hard water that is unresolved. My landlord is extremely unhelpful, unfriendly, etc..I have what I believe is an air injection DUAL tank fleck 5600se. That’s what’s printed on the...
  3. TTrain84

    Fleck 5600 SXT Flashing RC

    I have a Fleck 5600 SXT water softener that was flashing between the time and RC with a number. When I first noticed it, it was flashing RC 11 then it went to RC 12 and now its at RC -------. Just wondering what this means and what if any issue might need to be addressed. Thanks in advance.
  4. Mrbrady3324

    Fleck 5600 vs 5800/5810

    We recently bought a 100 year old home in Evanston, IL. The home is fitted with a 3/4". We are a family of 3 (hopefully 4 in the future) with 2 dogs. The house has 3.5 bathrooms. Water is hard (8-10ppm) and we would like to address that with a water softener. We are renovating our kitchen so we...
  5. TinTweak

    Opinions on AFWFilters

    Anyone have any experience with AFWFilters? I'm looking at the AFWFilters 56SXT-10% Combo Package specifically. https://store.afwfilters.com/packag...ith-upflow-filter-10-resin-with-carbon-black/ Any opinions? Who do you prefer that sells Fleck valve controls?
  6. Vijay3443

    Fleck 5600 sxt Brine draw cycle not working

    Hello, I installed Fleck 5600sxt Water Softener 64,000 Grain Capacity (Fine Mesh for Iron Removal) in June 2019 in my new home. It worked fine till November. After that it stopped working. During the brine draw cycle it is pumping water into brine tank instead of pumping brine solution in to...
  7. IowaHardWater

    Would like a confirmation on Fleck 5600SXT settings

    I've read through several posts which are similar to my own situation, but wanted to double check the values I've taken from other posts. I recently purchased and plumbed my setup: Fleck 5600SXT 48000 grain 10% crosslink resin Municipal Water Hardness of 18 Iron of 0 4 household members (two...
  8. mrshanno

    Double check my Fleck 5600sxt settings please

    Hi I installed a 5600sxt this past weekend, and did the manual regeneration with everything seemingly going fine. It appeared to be lots of discharge water during the backwash and rapid rinse, so would like to know if those minutes could be reduced with no ill effects? (Also, why is the brine...
  9. mrshanno

    Water softener sizing chart?

    Hi guys I read a lot of threads that refer to a sizing chart and other useful information before buying a system, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore http://www.qualitywaterassociates.com/softeners/sizingchart.htm . I'm interested in a Fleck 5600sxt system. Is there a good alternate site or...
  10. mf915

    Water smells after new install of 5600 sxt

    I just did the new install today. Went through 1 recycle of regeneration. I notice the water "smells". (and definitely no smell when i bypass the water softener). I read that a few more regenerations might help. Is it common ?? If it doesn't help, should i go with the method of adding...
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