1. Duffman56

    No room for fittings

    What do you guys do when there isn’t room for fittings? I’ve lowered my subfloor for a curbless shower. Unfortunately the 2x4 framing is now in the way of my DWV plumbing. Even if I put the wye all the way against the joist, I can’t see how I’ll be able to properly get the 1-1/2” line off of...
  2. RubberDuck

    Sticks vs. Coils running to second floor

    My plumber is planning on using a series of sticks for our main lines going to the second floor from our basement. My question is: Would an uninterrupted 3/4” coil line provide a noticeable increase in flow vs 3/4” sticks (which would require 2 fittings potentially) to span the same distance...
  3. JamFlowMan

    Preferred fitting types - Fastec

    Is there a preferred method of connecting pipes and fittings? I am familiar with ProPress, Sweat, NPT threaded, and sharkbite and FasTec. Is there any good reason to choose one over the other? or any reason to stay away from any of them? What is most popular among plumbers here in the US?
  4. Dzakich

    How to hand-bend 5/8" OD hard copper tube

    Looking at various resources, I keep noticing that hand mandrel benders are only good for soft (coiled) copper tubing. For my project I need to get a new geometry with 5/8" OD tubing. This this possible or should I just use a series of fittings? Thank you
  5. GL77

    What fitting do I need?

    I use this valve to bleed the system when I'm changing out filters but the space is too tight to get a bucket under it, so I'd like to add a short length of garden hose. Is there a fitting I can use to go from this PEX fitting to garden hose threads? I don't have the capability to do PEX.
  6. NTM

    Brass vs Plastic PEX B fittings

    I am installing a shower using PEX B with copper crimp rings. I need to use a 90 degree elbows for my hot and cold PEX lines to reach the mixing valve without kinking them. Should I use plastic or brass PEX fittings? Cost is not an issue, I'm just looking for the most reliable option because I...
  7. Vdawg

    Compression vs Push-Fit connections with plastic/poly tubing

    TL;DR: Would you prefer a compression connection or a good (i.e. John Guest) push-fit connection specifically for 1/4" or 3/8" plastic/poly tubing (not copper) for long-term reliability against a sudden blow out? Long Version: I installed a water filter under my kitchen sink a few years ago...
  8. bcpjap

    Old pipe, new fitting

    I have an old copper pipe in a wall cavity that I can leave exposed when the repair is complete. It has developed a very slow leak at the elbow within the wall cavity (see attached pic) and needs to be replaced. I have already cleaned the pipe up a bit and removed some of the exterior...
  9. Jack-of-All-Trades

    Best way to fix leaking fitting in black poly pipe ???

    I have 3/4 poly pipe coming from my well. Artisian well needed more pressure, particularly during summer droughts. Bought a jet pump and tried installing. The pipe comes up vertically from the ground so I need a 3/4 90 degree angled fitting to line intake up with the pump. Had to use brass...
  10. Jay Beth

    Easy Answer: Water Flow?

    I want water to flow in two different directions, all from one source, kind of like a T-type ball valve. However, I don't want to spend excess money on T-type ball valves that have the ability to alter water flow by the handle. Instead, what I would like specifically is a pipe/tube fitting that...
  11. Just Trying My Best

    Updated Laundry Tray and Washer Diagram

    Hi all, I'm installing a new utility sink and relocating the washer. Working off of Terry's infamous Laundry Tray and Washer Rough-In diagram, I placed the washer and sink on separate walls. So my question: 1. Is it okay to turn the 2x2x2 long sani-T 90 degrees so it's horizontal rather than...
  12. Robert Leise

    PVC, What type of fittings/solvent do I need to use

    I am a third year plumbing apprentice swapping out a vacuum breaker for a side job. I do commercial work and am not familiar with the irrigation supply line. 1” IPS PVC1120 SDR 21. (Photo below) I need to offset over bc the vacuum breaker outlet is on the opposite side of the old one. Not sure...
  13. mark_pdx

    Hot water delay, installation questions for recirc pump

    We just moved to a new home after 20 years in a home with a dedicated hot water return / recirculating pump system. This new home (built 2014) has no recirc system despite being 4300 sf in size, and I guess we were spoiled before, because waiting several minutes for hot water to show up in the...
  14. Marks84

    Male adapter for water booster pump

    I have an amtrol rp-15 that is 17 years old and the the tank with it got water logged. The pump sits on top of the tank and feeds the water directly in the top. The new tank I got is plumbed on the bottom so I just offset the pump so I could could pipe straight down to the bottom of the tank. My...
  15. Lonny

    Pressure tank swap and manifold clean-up opinion request

    I've been browsing this site over the last couple of months since I am aware that I have an issue or two brewing. Long story short (happy to share the long story later if it will help), I've determined that I need to install a new pressure tank as, even if is not the issue (fairly certain it is...
  16. not_plumber

    Third hot water compression fitting's center keeps cracking

    There's a 30 foot run of 1/2" copper hot water pipe that was cut where a compression fitting was installed. I replaced this hot water fitting 3 times with a new one of the same type that was on there that had gotten old and rubber seals dryrotted away which means it was leaking badly. The new...
  17. Henrypatrick

    Seattle Water Service Line Replacement

    Hi I'm a homeowner replacing the water line from the meter to the house in the Central District of Seattle. I've already replaced the 90+ year old iron water pipes with copper, running a 1-1/4" trunk through the house to allow for future basement apartment and back yard cottage. House is 2300...
  18. imscoop22

    Washer standpipe/drain/vent questions

    I am needing to re-locate my laundry room. I got a quote for the work that was way more than I can afford currently so I'm going to try and tackle this myself. Some of the decisions I've made (e.g. using a mechanical vent) are b/c I have to get this done quickly and as inexpensively as possible...
  19. JustAGeek

    Connecting a pressure-reducing valve to PVC?

    Long time lurker, first time poster here... I'm looking at add a PRV to an existing underground sprinkler system that was plumbed using 1" PVC. For ease of maintenance, I'd like to mount the PRV above ground on the riser that holds the PVB. Seems pretty standard fare except...I'm not sure how...
  20. SimonL

    Pipe fitting adapter/bushing for valve?

    Hi - I'm new to the forum but am in need of some guidance. I am trying to connect a 1" MPT manifold outlet to a valve with a 3/4" FPT inlet. Any ideas on how I can do this? I've looked through various plumbing catalogs and there doesn't seem to be such a thing as a 1" FPT x 3/4" MPT adapter or...
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