1. Jasonir129

    Heating and cooling issues in finished room over garage: mini split?

    Hi all, back to get advice on another part of my house with HVAC issues. Thanks for all the previous help -- it all worked out great so far (installed mini split in sunroom)! We have a large finished room over our garage. Details on this space: - 33' long x12' wide - sloped ceiling from...
  2. RapaNui

    Opened Vent to Inspect Smell, its Wood!?

    Hey everybody, here's something I didn't expect. I opened a vent in the bedroom, because it's had a bit of a smell. It comes and goes. Stuck my phone in to take a photo and realized its wood! The bottom of the image is actually the metal duct work. I can't seem to find any opening around...
  3. muilebon

    Range hood duct clearance to joists & drywall

    The hood duct needs to run through kitchen ceiling and vent out in a wall (not roof). My joists are 2 x 8 with the ceiling drywall dating back to the 1950s. What is the max duct diameter I can install in my joists space? Is there any clearance (air gap) consideration between the pipe and joists...
  4. Lifespeed

    Replacing branch line to trunk from 8" to 10"

    I have an existing 8" sheetmetal branch line off an (approximately) 18" trunk from my air handler. I need to replace it to 10" to better serve the 1/3 of the 1450sf house this line handles. Currently the air temperature is consistent throughout the house except for this under-served area. My...
  5. underthetablethinker

    Square to Round Duct Transition - Cannot find anywhere??

    In remodeling my bathroom I had to convert a 6"x6" square duct underneath the floor joists in the basement to flex so I can get around my new toiler drain. I cannot for the life of me find a 6"x6" square to 6" round transition anywhere. Do I need to fabricate one myself? I don't know what to...
  6. LarryLeveen

    Patch or Replace Plenum

    Helping a friend who has a 1-foot hole in the plenum of her forced air heating system. I haven't been under the house, but a few estimators have for rodent invasion and crawl space cleanout/vapor barrier replacement and re-insulation (both are trashed). UPDATE -- here are two pix I was sent by...
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