double sink

  1. pkirkovsky

    Double sink, disposal, dishwasher, 70s house - was this done correctly?

    Hello! Our kitchen sink recently developed a small drain leak due to old & cracking fittings, and I'd like to do an overhaul. After looking at some posts about this setup, I am starting to wonder whether the plumbing was done correctly when the house was built. Based on other posts it seems...
  2. Julie89

    Double Sink water backing up

    Hello, new user here. So I moved into this new place a few months back and everything was fine until a few weeks ago when my kitchen double sink started to back up. I removed the trap and the pipes to see if there was a clog but nothing. I tried the old baking soda and vinegar hack but...
  3. markskovorodko

    Acceptable Double Sink Garbage Disposal/P Trap Config?

    Hi all, I'm a few weeks out from installing a new sink base cabinet, double basin sink, and garbage disposal (to be located on the right sink basin). We just had a plumber rough in new supply and drain lines as we're moving the sink to a new location in the kitchen. The plumber installed new...
  4. NotthatCraig

    Garbage Disposer overflows into 2nd sink

    Ever since we had granite installed with a new double sink, there have been frequent explosive overflows from the garbage disposer, into the other sink. I recently replaced the old garbage disposer as it was leaking and the new one behaves the same way. I had snaked the drain and run a couple...
  5. Jian

    Any 2 in. x 2 in. x 1-1/4 in. x 1-1/4 in. Double Fixture Tee?

    Is there such double fixture tee with 1-1/4 inch on the side? I want to use a double fixture tee to convert single vanity to double vanity. But the stud width is narrow and only allow 1-1/4inch PVC pipe to penetrate through without disrupting the stud integrity. Obviously the 1-1/4inch will then...
  6. CliffA

    Adding Disposal to Double Sink without Baffle Tee?

    Is there a way to add a disposal to a double sink without using a baffle tee, and still meet code? For example, can I give both the disposal and their other sink their own trap, and put a Wye on the arm? Does that run afoul of the two trap prohibition even thought the traps are in parallel? Or...
  7. Ken Parlee

    Canadian bathroom double vanity vent question

    REPOST IN THE CANADIAN FORUM: Hi there. I am installing a double vanity that is 49" wide in a 2nd floor bathroom. As the main stack is right above the vanity (and originally ran right through where we want to install an in-wall medicine cabinet, I rerouted the vent to the right of the vanity...
  8. heckmab

    Double Vanity with AAV

    Hello, I really appreciate this amazing forum. I’m an HVAC guy trying to learn plumbing. I am currently remodeling my master bathroom and live in Rochester, NY. House was built in 1988. Please forgive me if I use the wrong terminology to describe my issue. My issue is this: we want to install...
  9. MadelineD

    Double Kitchen Sink. Rt Side without Garbage Disposal never drains

    Installation gone wrong. Right-side sink has never drained properly. Does it need to have a straight pipe down to the p-trap, or should I move the Garbage Disposal. to the right, or maybe put a T into the garbage disposal to share with the Dishwasher?
  10. CharlesEntis

    Convert Single Sink to Dual Sink for Vanity

    I am planning on putting in a 60" double sink vanity. I have removed the drywall and this is what I am looking at. I have called several plumbers but they are too busy to do the work and I am unable to find another available plumber. I figured I would do it myself, until I opened the wall and...
  11. Paleomedia

    Double sink drain advice

    Hi. Do you all think these sinks are going to drain? Image file attached... I'm concerned the arms coming off the drain are too horizontal... And is the single trap below them ok? Guess I may as well test it at this point... Thanks, Nate
  12. okiee82

    Help With Double Vanity

    First off thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out. I would much rather take the time to do it right then just making it work. I have browsed the forums and looked at many pictures I think what I have will work I just would like to make sure. I have a double vanity that has two...
  13. Hammer79

    Going from single sink with 1 1/4 drain to double sink.

    Hello all, Just found this site and I am excited to access all the great information! Now onto the question, I am planning on remodeling my main family bathroom in the next several weeks. I am still in the planning stages right now. I just finished building a new double sink vanity. I am going...
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