deep well

  1. C

    Shallow Well Pump Questions

    Hello all, I have a river house that is lifted in the air that has a shallow well pump with a single 1.25" pipe going into the ground. The pump was around 20-25 feet above the water in the well. We recently lifted the house up about 6 or 7 feet higher in the air and found the pump was not...
  2. Beanstalk

    Submersible pump recommendations

    I have a newly drilled well and looking for recommendations on pump as my driller isn’t responding since 2 months. Planning to do it myself along with a licensed electrician. This well will be used for basic irrigation and few large greenhouses. Well depth: 800 ft Yield: 35 gpm Static water...
  3. Lewis Epting

    Deep Well Submersible Pump Recomendation

    I am replacing a 15 year old submersible pump (3 wire-yellow, red, black, green). I need a complete motor and head. TDH minimum of 392 ft 20 GPM 40 PSI (This well is used for daily lawn irrigation, but is a low yield. The well refills overnight, so the TDH is based on the depth of the well...
  4. Walker1270

    Deep Well Sand Problem

    Advice needed to help with the amount of sand coming up from the well. A little background We have a 240ft artesian well that was installed in 1977 with a 2" pipe (I know that's a problem). Original flow rate was 60gpm. Over time that dropped to only 5-6gpm due to extensive drilling into water...
  5. Better Homes

    High head well pump system design

    Hi there, I need to pump water from a river to a home site which is 760' above the river level. I estimate that the pipe would be 1,100' long. The water will be stored in a tank on the hill. No big flow rates necessary. There is no lack of power, it comes from the home site, either 240V AC...
  6. randall loemker

    450' well 50' static, 1hp grundfos @420' draws 8.6 amps but no water

    Worked fine for aboutr 10 years, then stopped delivering water. Any thoughts anyone?
  7. Michael2k

    Unused deep well to fill pool?

    I need 18,000 gallons of water to fill my pool. The well that services my home cannot support this demand. We have a never-used deep well (321') on the property that has water in it. This well is approx 200' from the pool. Is there a pump that can be used for this application? Any suggestions?
  8. MintSquirrel28

    Deep Well jetted ***SOS***

    I returned to some property that had the pump stolen off it 6 1/2 ish yrs ago. It is located just outside of Panama City, FL about 5 miles from Econfina Creek. It is a "45 ft" deep jet well. I have had zero luck getting 3 different brand new pumps to prime. I am the exact opposite of a educated...
  9. Richfromny

    My submersible pump is over 700’ deep- anything I need to do differently?

    I figured I would ask the experts here. I replaced my pump with a Gould’s 2 hp a few years ago, and it was over 4K because of the labor. It took hours because my well is over 700 feet down. I believe I have 20’ threaded pvc drop pipe but of course my last pump crapped out during a torrential...
  10. Katherine Straub

    Just whispered "I hate you" to my well pump, how's your morning

    Hey everyone! I'm a long-time lurker (typically when sitting on my kitchen counter by the sink with my laptop and wet socks) and some of your posts have been the difference between keeping and selling my house. I bought what I thought was just a fixer-upper about 18 months's should've...
  11. Steve L

    Deep well - PVC crack between pump and torque arrestor

    This is a very deep well - 1200'. The bottom 600' are schedule 120 PVC, the top 600' are galvanized steel. All was well for the first 5 years. I accidentally let it run dry for too long. The pump seems fine, but the PVC split open between the top of the pump and bottom of the torque arrestor...
  12. Windward_coug

    Looking at a lot with a 1004' well at 3 gpm

    The well was drilled back in 2004 and has never been used. The static water level is 19'. The well log says the hole is 6 3/4" with a 5" PVC casing going all the way down to 1004' and a 8 5/8" steel casing going down the first 20'. I plan on building a pretty big home but with very minimal...
  13. Zane Bridgers

    Help Selecting a Submersible Pump for 360' Well

    I've been binge researching submersible pumps here. A shout out to valveman and the community for the incredible depth of information. What I gather is: - No one makes good pumps anymore (a crying shame) - Install a CSV to extend the life of the low quality pumps - Grundfos is still arguably...
  14. Annalea

    Which deep well pump to buy, and how tough to DIY?

    If there’s a thread that covers all of this stuff, or even several, I’m happy to read them. I just don’t know what terms to search for, at this point. I’m reasonably confident I can DIY this because I’ve DIY’ed a lot of other things, and have basic plumbing and electrical skills. (And, in my...
  15. sinaminn

    Pump loses prime while running.

    I have a deep well jet pump (vertical) single pipe. 20 ft water table, 60 ft drop pipe. The pump itself is only about 4 yrs old. Well lost prime about a week ago. Got it primed and running again, no problem. Figured the footvalve had a piece of crap stuck in it or something and it seemed to...
  16. Dan520

    520' well; what size pump do we need (1.5hp or 2.0hp)?

    Hi, we just got a new well installed. They had to go to 520' to get about 6 gallons/minute. The installer is suggesting we go with a 2.0hp constant pump even though he originally said a 1.5hp constant pump was enough. We will only be using the well for irrigation (~.5 acres) and topping off...
  17. Rosie

    Copper and Colloidal Clay in well water

    Hi, we have colloidal clay and copper in our well water. Our home is 7 years old and has a very deep (500+ ft) well that I've been told has aggressive water. We have fairly high sulfur so we treat with peroxide, though we also have an H2O injection system that isn't enough to kick out the...
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