1. Capt. Skinny

    Splice new vent into cast iron stack, or replace last few feet of stack with PVC through roof?

    I'm adding a branch vent that will run horizontally, in the attic, to the cast iron stack in the photo. My initial plan was to make two cuts in the cast iron and splice in a PVC tee with Fernco couplings. But I'm so close to the roof that I wonder whether I would be better off just removing...
  2. Brandon Kelling

    Water Main Using PEX ??

    Any help is appreciated; while working under my house I found that my water in was dripping at the white coupling so I decided to tighten it ....which that fixed the leak. My Question is; what is the valve shown with the red arrow ? is it necessary ? The yellow arrow is pointing at what I...
  3. orangesoda123

    PVC Flexible Coupling Under Shower

    Hello Everyone! Question about some plumbing work I'm about to do. I need to move the drain for a new shower install (installing in a basement, the drain is in an opening in concrete). I'm going to cut the current p-trap out to the main drain line that runs under the concrete floor and...
  4. Black Mtn Construction

    Schedule 30 to 40 coupling

    I'm replacing a rotten subfloor and toilet flange for a customer. Was going smoothly until I noticed that their piping is 3" Schedule 30 and all my new pieces are Schedule 40. Can somebody please recommend a coupling that will work to join these? Do they even make them? I had found a bushing to...
  5. Girafdaniels

    Leaking Slip Coupling Above Effluent Pump

    I installed the pictured slip coupling on this vertical section of pipe. Apparently, I didn't get it quite right because it's leaking. I primed both sides of the pipe, the full inside of the the coupling, applied solvent to all those areas, then slipped the coupling down over the bottom pipe...
  6. BenRVT

    Joining Copper pipe PVC/CPVC

    Today I saw a 1.25 inch (inner diameter) FPT X FPT PVC coupling joining two sections of copper pipe. I know typically if your going to join copper and PVC (with threads) you should use male PVC and female copper. I've never seed one PVC coupling joining to copper pipes. Is this allowed, or is...
  7. Timothy Beall

    Basement sink drain question

    Hello all, I moved into my home about 7 years ago and I am remodeling my basement bathroom. I removed the vanity and found a standard 1 1/4” drain from sink going into a slightly odd array of reducers/couplings to join the 2” pvc drain sticking out of the the concrete. At my local hardware...
  8. MiamiDan

    How to make this leak proof

    We have had a large number of leaks into our apartment and just when we thought they were all fixed we get two simultaneous leaks at either end of our apartment. Thankfully we quickly got to the bottom of the first leak as it comes from a waste line in the apartment above which is currently...
  9. sagrr

    Is it okay if there's some space between pipes in a Flexible PVC Coupling

    Per Schluter instructions, i'm looking to use this kind of coupling below to connect my Kerdi linear drain ( to...
  10. Soparklion

    PVC to Cast Iron for toilet drain

    I had a broken toilet flange. I cut off the old lead drain pipe, leaving a 1.5" stub before the cast iron fitting. How should I connect the new PVC pipe? I tried to link pics of the possible solutions. Use a shielded 4" Fernco coupling to a PVC 4" to 3" reducer, then 3" PVC pipe...
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