concrete wall

  1. BostonGuido

    Seepage around PCV coupler through concrete wall

    I have a rain water cistern, and the inlet and overflow pipes (3" PVC) penetrate the wall at the top of the 7' deep cistern. The pipe penetration was done by placing an ordinary 3" nominal PVC coupler in the poured concrete wall when it was poured. The PVC pipes were then passed through the...
  2. AndrewME

    Replacement of Cast Iron in Tight Space

    What is the best way to deal with the situation in the photo attached? I'm replacing the 4" cast iron with 4" PVC. The problem is these pipes are near the bottom of the basement stairs so we need headroom as well as space around the stairs when we need to bring items in/out of the basement like...
  3. Elwood Wiles

    Sidewall Venting Through Concrete Wall

    Howdy, I am getting ready to install a Takagi T-K4-IN tankless water heater in my basement. I've ordered and received the Category III venting pieces, including back flow preventer, 90 degree elbow, wall thimble, and terminator hood. My original plan was to mount the unit to the concrete...
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