1. E


    This happens randomly through the year. MOST of the time the cold is cold and hot is hot. now they are switched. So that means its not a bad hookup or something because usually it works. What could be the issue?
  2. C

    5 min of hot water after changing cartridge on dual delta shower

    Our master bath shower had two shower heads. One was leaking/dripping so our plumber changed both cartridges since he was already there. That fixed the leak, but ever since one side gets too hot and the other side only stays hot for 5 minutes before slowly getting colder and colder. Our plumber...
  3. William Cooley

    Selectable Hot/Cold Solenoids for Bypass Humidifier

    Thoughts on adding a second solenoid, plumbed to hot water, so that a bypass humidifier can run without the furnace (heat)? Each solenoid valve would be plumbed to hot or cold water. The output would union before entering the bypass humidifier. Ecobee thermostat set to "steam humidifier"...
  4. amy123

    Cold water pipe making ticking sound?

    My COLD water pipe is making frequent ticking sounds even when I do not have cold water running. Any ideas on what could be the issue?
  5. Chevsky

    Rollout switch trips

    Nearing desperation with a furnace that's tripping flame rollout sensor. ICS/ComfortMaker RPJ-II LP gas furnace. Well, it's working now, but that's only after I tore down the furnace to inspect the heat-exchanger for cracks, removed and cleaned the blower cage fan, and disassembled and...
  6. Mitch Schneider

    Cold water in hot line in 1 of 4 bathroom faucets

    I hav a dilemma here. My master bathroom sink faucet runs cold water on both sides. If I turn the cold supply line off hot water returns. I replaced the kitchen single hole faucet today to a regular two controlled faucet. All bathrooms are dual controlled showers and sinks and all run hot and...
  7. hotwaterless

    Bradford White Defender Water Heater Issue

    Glad I came across this forum. So here is my story and I hope someone can shed some light on what to do next. I live in Huntington Beach California. I had a slab leak and had the house re-piped in August 2018. I used a plumber who used a third party piping company to do the work. This isn't...
  8. JosephN

    Delta cartridge 17 series mystery

    I installed a Delta 17 series cartridge/trim in place of a 1400, and the shower won't get hot. It worked fine with the 14. I swapped out for another cartridge but that didn't solve the problem: warm water, but it never gets hot. I turned the anti-scald rotational stop limit all the way up, but...
  9. Pristinephoenix

    Hot water turns cold in shower

    So, we’ve just recently had this problem in our main bathroom of our house built in 1973. When the hot water from anywhere else in the house is used, and someone is using the shower, the shower water immediately turns cold. There is also an issue of the hot water not being as, I guess you could...
  10. MIBamse

    Shower with only hot water on, flush toilet, it gets hotter

    Hello We have a problem with luke warm water in the shower in the morning. The shower water is not warm enough to mix it with cold water, so we only turn on the hot water faucet and leave the cold water faucet off. My wife is not happy about the water not being very warm so she flushed the...
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