1. Angelo

    Offset Closet Flange: OK or No Go?

    Am remodeling a small bathroom. After tiling, the closet flange will be about 11 1/2" rough in distance. 1: Might a 12" rough-in toilet fit here? 2. If not, do you have any positive or negative feedback regarding using an offset flange to gain the extra needed space? 3. Or is it best to...
  2. farmerisland

    Replacing toilet that clogs/leaks from poor installation

    Hello all. I have an old main floor toilet that I'm replacing because it has always been a notorious clogger. I've also noticed a little leakage, but minimal. The previous homeowners, or whatever installer, placed the flange slightly below the finished tile. I could stack wax rings, but there's...
  3. MCSwe

    Replacing Closet Elbow, but Joist Bay too Small

    We're remodeling an old, old bathroom. The closet drains to the stack with a cast iron 4" elbow, with a 1 1/4" heel inlet for the bathroom lav and tub drain?!? There haven't been any drainage issues (probably b/c water pressure is so low). But since we have it open we want to increase the...
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