1. ConstableDuffy

    Best way to bleach/cleanse well?

    I just bought a house that was built in 1977. The water test showed violation levels of coliform bacteria in the well water (although no E. coli). I was told that bleaching the well and plumbing would likely resolve this issue. I understand that there are at least two general ways to do this -...
  2. Daniel R Christiansen

    Need help with Chlorine amounts for Well

    Just moved into our new house not long ago and we have a well system. We have a chlorine tank that is 35 gallons and also a salt tank which is the softener. So my question is how much chlorine do I add to the 35 gallon tank? I know it wont be exact just looking for ball park until I can have...
  3. TinTweak

    Looking for advice on choosing and installing a water softener

    Hello, I am new to this forum and looking for some advice on choosing and installing a water softener; as well as a carbon filter for chlorine and a RO system sometime down the line. Let me apologize in advance for my lack of understanding in the subject and say that I greatly appreciate any...
  4. RogerPDX

    Do charcoal filters remove chlorine or just the "smell" of the chlorine?

    I would like to put a whole house charcoal filter on my house, to save the brass to PEX connectors from eventual ruin from chlorine that is in the water. Do you know if these filters actually remove the chlorine, or do they just remove the smell of the chlorine from the water?
  5. Ted T

    Is .35 ppm chlorine level high enough to rate filtering pre-water softener?

    Getting ready to put in a water softener and was advised to install a GAC filter to remove chlorine ahead of the softener. I have city water (no iron) and chlorine level range of .22-.35 ppm with a running annual average of .30 ppm. Is this high enough to rate installing a filter? (I live in...
  6. caluk

    Shocking well newbie- HELP!

    I need to chlorinate my well due to C. Bacteria found. The well is very rusted and I’m unsure of where exactly I am supposed to pour the bleach. I can see a hole (that I believe should be plugged) almost under the piping but see no other ways to get past the cap. I’m also unsure of how deep the...
  7. SuperGreg

    Where to get NSF chlorine bleach?

    Hey all, I have recently added a chlorinator to my well filtration system, and have been using 10% pool chlorine from Wallmart. I have seen reference to the availability of NSF rated chlorine ("standard 60"?) but I don't know where to find this. I tried a pool supply store and they hadn't...
  8. robwithtoast

    Chlorine adding to well water.

    So after some research I decided it was best to add chlorine to my water for algae issues. I think maybe I added a little too much compared to what I read. I can smell just a little chlorine in my water when taking a shower or whatever it be. Should I worry? The smell isn't overpowering. I just...
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