1. T

    Replacing rigid supply line to toilet tank with flexible line for bidet

    When we built our home back in 2006, the plumber installed the Kohler toilets with rigid supply lines for 3 out of the 4 toilets (the basement one which was installed couple months later got a flexible line for some reason). Anyway, we are now in the process of installing new bidet seats and so...
  2. Terry

    Budget bidet, cold water only made from parts on hand

    Here is a budget bidet made from parts found on hand. I guess it's one way to do this, though there are manufacturers that have something similar that looks and work a lot nicer. Budget Bidet Kohler makes a budget cold water only bidet seat that doesn't need electricity either. These fit on...
  3. BillyGoat58

    Kohler K-4108 washlet / seat bidet

    Small contractor here in the NE Ohio area. Have fielded numerous requests for washlets and they always seem to pose a problem in installation. And this Kohler unit (K-4108) has proved to be no different. Generally, the problems (chasing leaks) seem to always occur at the T-valve and /or supply...
  4. Rossn

    Bidet Receptacle Location - ever see them 'behind' the toilet (yet accessible)?

    For those that have seen a number of bidet seat installs, do you ever see the dedicated receptacles tucked slightly behind the toilet (within the width of the tank, but lower), instead of out to the side? I believe NEC only requires it be readily accessible, and this will be with a Toto Nexus...
  5. Phil Parsons

    Replacing a bidet with a "pedestal" sink

    I'm looking at replacing a bidet with a "pedestal" sink, quoted because the base is large enough to surround all plumbing and is a stand-alone unit. The bidet was never actually installed, but all plumbing is through the floor. A correct bidet plumbing would have the p-trap below the floor...
  6. Cole Sear

    Biden's new infrastructure plan, but why is he also adding bidet seats?

    Watching the news last night I see that we're finally moving on infrastructure for the US. Reminds me of what I read about the 1950's and all the super highways that were built in our parents days. It all made a lot of sense except for one thing. Bidet seats for some states. Something about...
  7. Pwdhomeowner

    Exterior mixing valve for washing machine

    Our tap water here seems to be about 50° or so. I want to mix in a small amount of hot water into the Cold for the washing machine cold water inlet, so that the inlet water is tepid rather than super cold. It is intended for a bidet I believe. I have a mixing valve with a built-in one way flow...
  8. SeaDog

    Bidet Valve Connections

    HELP HELP HELP!!! I've been on a 3 month journey. My dog freaked out during a thunderstorm and almost chewed through the supply line that feeds cold water to the bidet mixing valve. I have two supply hoses (hot and cold). Each supply hose goes from the water source to the corresponding hot and...
  9. Pradeep

    Adding Bidet line to toilet supply valve

    Just need to know what part I should buy? The T connector that came with bidet doesn’t fit the valve. Please see pictures.
  10. Dinesh

    Where is my shutoff valve? Loose key stop

    Hey folks! Amateur DIY'er. I'm trying to install an aftermarket toilet water spray (bidet-like). To do this I obviously need to shut off the water to the tank to add the splitter. I can't figure out the darn valve shut off. I've attached a pic for anyone who can help me out. Thanks, Dinesh
  11. FredGarvin

    Can I 1/4 turn stop valve in supply line for cheap bidet that leaks?

    I bought a cheap bidet. I need to child-proof it, and it drips. I want to address both with an in-line 1/4 turn shut off valve. The bidet came with a valve that split the cold water above the shut-off. It's a replacement toilet so the connection above the shut-off wasn't a compression one...
  12. Mikey2

    DXV AT100 bidet seat

    Has anyone installed this product. which toilet will it pair with outside of DXV. The bidet seat is roughly 16 inches wide. Wondering which Kohler will work, American Standard or Mirabelle. The Bidet seat needs 2 inches from tank to seat hinge. Too many Toto toilets options and these toilets...
  13. HunchoJack

    Experience with Brondell Washlets

    Hello all! Long time reader, first time poster. I am looking at purchasing the Brondell Swash 1000 washlet ( but haven’t had much experience with Brondell products. Does anyone have any experience with this particular washlet or Brondell...
  14. Terry

    ROTO Wipe, saving toilet paper one tree at a time.

    Saving paper, one tree at a time. This may be a prank, but what if it did all it says it could do? Seriously, who wouldn't want this? Okay......maybe not seriously.
  15. Donnieee

    Adaptor problem with toilet 3/8 Compression & 7/8 Ballcock

    Hello I have 3/8" Female compression & 7/8" ballcock ( for my toilet that delivers and stores water for flushing. I have a T-tube (for my Bidet) that I am trying to...
  16. Terry

    TOTO C100 Washlet, SW2034

    TOTO makes a nice Washlet with the side controls that replaces a toilet seat and adds a warm to sit on seat, warm water wash, and air dry. It also has an automatic deodorizer and a Premist™ that helps to keep your toilet bowl clean. - See more at...
  17. Terry

    TOTO Neorest 550H MS982CUMG with pictures

    TOTO Neorest 550H MS982CUMG with pictures With the covers down. With the lid up. The wirless controls The front view of the Neorest 55H
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