bathroom layout

  1. C

    New Construction Second Floor Bathroom drain and vent layout.

    Attached is the layout for a second-floor bathroom. There is an adjacent laundry room. The bathroom drain will run through the exterior 6-inch framed wall. The 10-inch floor joists run perpendicular to the exterior wall. Also attached is a simplified one-line diagram of the proposed drain and...
  2. Tony1997

    Connecting two 3" horizontal drains to a vertical stack.

    Hello_ I'm trying to find out if it's feasible to change the layout of a bathroom I'm renovating. It's a 2nd story bathroom with a shower, toilet and double sink vanity. Currently all fixture go into a 3" horizontal drains that drains into a vertical 3 or 4 inch stack. Shower and toilet each...
  3. James Broadback

    5x7 Bathroom Plumbing Plan Review and sewage pit question.

    Hello Everyone, I originally posted a reply on a different thread but it was pretty old and so I figured I should post a new separate thread. I came across this link in my search and saw Terry's response regarding the pit vent integration. Would the crude plan below be a valid implementation...
  4. Shari

    Need AAV help, please

    I have a slow draining bathtub and I believe the problem is inadequate venting. The bathroom is located in an area that is similar to a basement. It’s a hillside house and the back wall and part of the sides of the first floor are concrete. When the plumber did the work, many years ago, AAVs...
  5. Rarule

    Plumbing help. Groundwork

    Hi all, First of all, this forum has been a huge life (mostly money) saver. A little background, we are lowering our basement floor by about 18" to add about 1000 sq. ft of livable space. egress windows etc etc. As you can imagine it cost us a lot and we eventually exceeded our budget so we...
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