bath drain

  1. BobinTN

    Three Stories, Three Baths, Schematic Needed for DWV

    Hello, New here and I have had a lot of building experience in my 74 years. I do have a question though -- A new house is being planned and there will be three baths basically stacked from the basement level to the third floor. So there will be three bathrooms total. The basement has a...
  2. pazure

    Can I use a flexible fernco in a tub drain assembly?

    I've searched for, and read through a number of threads regarding using a Fernco flexible fitting under a tub, but found nothing that matches what I want to do. The layout: - Top floor 5' x 7' bathroom - ABS DWV pipes. - Current horizontal drain line with cleanout sits half way proud of...
  3. Karl Knudson

    Bathtub drain and vent questions

    I have a claw foot tub that I am trying to connect to my main drain stack. The old plumbing was a mess and not up to code but actually worked ok. My inspector said that he would tell me how to fix this mess but that was a few years when I added a different bathroom and remodeled a kitchen. I...
  4. Jackson882

    Bond ABS and brass together

    I have a freestanding bathtub with ABS waste and overflow and I need help connecting a brass tailpiece to this. What kind of cement will bond with these two materials
  5. John Everett

    Tub drain outlet rough / uneven / broken -- can not seal

    Hi Everyone, I have been struggling to seal a second story tub drain after I noticed a leak in the ceiling drywall. The bottom of the fiber glass tub is rather uneven and one side of the outlet appears to be chipped away (see photo). I tried using silicone to attach the drain washer but this...
  6. Eric Brinton

    What should I use to reseal a drain to a bath fitter?

    We bought a house with a bath fitter (ugh, I know). The bath fitter got water under it (between the base of the fitter and the actual tub), the likeliest candidate seems to be because of the drain's seal having been broken. We pulled the drain up to allow the water to empty as best we could...
  7. DeterminedDIY

    Mysterious Clogged Tub Drain

    Hello! My husband and I are new homeowners and are taking up plumbing in our free time...with the new house, lol. We have a mysterious drain issue that we cannot seem to resolve, here is the series of events. - Moved in and everything worked fine. The house is mid 1960's block house in...
  8. kbrodie3

    Issue Removing Tub Drain

    I'm having an issue removing my bathtub drain. As I turn with the tub drain wrench it loosens to a certain point and then it seems like the drain skips a thread or something and tightens back up. Ends up in an endless loop of spinning and won't fully unscrew. Any suggestions of how to remove...
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