ball valve

  1. Glenn Pohly

    Price Pfister Flow-Matic, Help identifying older shower ball valve

    I am remodeling a 50-year old house in Southern California. One bathroom has an older ball valve I cannot identify. The valve does not leak so I suspect was rebuilt or even replaced one or more times over its life. The faceplate and ball were inadvertently thrown away with other demolition...
  2. Greg814

    Installing new PRV valve

    So I'm installing a new prv valve. My old one had failed and I had no flow. What would be the best way to attach the prv to pvc since it has metal threads. I've read where its best to try and avoid plastic to metal threads. I'm just a diy'er. Also where would be the best place to install a ball...
  3. Mega_22

    Anyone have any experience with this type of Ball Valve/Shutoff Valve?

    Hi Guys, I have a Crane 2180 ball valve ball valve that is leaking by the handle screw area which shuts off the water to outside in my basement. I tried searching for replacement ball valves that look similar to this and to my surprise, I cannot find any. I wanted to open one up before I do...
  4. robinsi

    Check valve and ball valve combo for ejector pump

    Hi everyone, I installed a sewage pump (liberty pro 380) when I redid the chalet basement. I’m now at the step of connecting it to the main waste line, about 6 feet above. I’m trying to decide which check valve and ball valve I should use. For the CV, I’m considering the Zoeller 30-0151...
  5. Carlos ojeda Aponte

    Valley, Help Identifying shower valve

    Hey! Love the forum! I need help Identifying this valve. The plumber said it was a Delta, but at the plumbers supply store, they said it wasn't (Plus they didn't have the replacement) I want to replace it because it's leaking and also get a new trim and handle. Any help? I appreciate it!
  6. RobertF

    Bathroom Faucet Advice

    I am planning to remodel two bathrooms in my house. I am new to DIY stuff having to do with plumbing & faucets. I am mostly interested in buying faucets that are durable and easy to maintain. I do not mind paying more up front for a good faucet. I have read where a lot of people like Delta...
  7. jceddy

    Shut off valve to water heater stuck

    I a trying to shut off the water to a dripping water heater and the ball valve (pictured) has a line of corrosion or something around it that is keeping the handle from turning. Any ideas how to turn this sucker off?
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