1. Ganq

    Water Heater Flue Pipe Making Knocking Sounds

    Hi Everyone, We are in a 2 year old house. Every time the water heater turns on we hear loud knockings sound in the attic. We were able to find the pipe causing it - It's the flue pipe coming out of the water heater on the 1st floor and going up to the attic and having the exhaust out. The pipe...
  2. Marshall62

    Ventilation stack leak

    We have heavily used shower in an upstairs bathroom (with exhaust fan) that drains into a pipe that runs up/down an outside wall into the attic where it then turns and runs horizontally in toward the center of the building where it joins a larger diameter stack pipe. Its very cold in our attic...
  3. susque70

    Pipe failure from mini-split A/C install

    I'm a home owner that received a very unpleasant call while vacationing in Yellowstone from our dog sitter informing us that our downstairs bedroom ceiling had collapsed. repairs needed to the plaster ceiling, two plaster walls and hardwoods in need of refinishing. i am grateful the damage...
  4. LLC01

    Exposed pipes in attic - insulate attic?

    Background: The previous owner of the house ran pipes for an addition through the attic of the garage. The first 3 years we lived there, we had only problems with freezing in extreme temperatures as our heat pump was up there, which apparently generated sufficient heat to keep anything from...
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