1. B

    Toto Aquia IV vs Nexus

    I am looking at the Toto Aquia IV and the Nexus Washlet+ with the S550e and auto-flush. I want a one piece, skirted model. This website has been a great source for understanding the Toto toilets. I like the look and the dual flush function of the Aquia. However, I'm concerned about the flushing...
  2. Notapro

    Toto Aquia II parts for leak

    I have a 2011 Toto Aquia II. It has developed a leak, I believe, at the flush valve gasket. At first I thought it was the connection for the water line to the tank. When the water is off it doesn't seem to leak - or leaks slow enough not to notice. When I turn the water back on before a flush-...
  3. Terry

    TOTO Aquia IV, MS646124CEMFG with pictures and comments

    TOTO Aquia IV, MS646124CEMFG with pictures and comments. Specially designed to accommodate WASHLET®+ DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH® system CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze prevents debris and mold for sticking to ceramic surfaces Skirted Design 12" Rough-in (optional 10" & 14" rough-in) Universal Height...
  4. RegularGuy

    Confused by Toto, and by Washlet and g400

    Hi, I tired using the search function but didn't find anything directly on point. I did not go back way far, but nothing obvious. Anyway, have questions on Toto, and the Washlet/Washlet+ and G400, first will describe my situation: - remodeling bathroom, so can pretty much do anything if...
  5. Terry

    TOTO Aquia IV with SW3054 Classic S550e Washlet

    I installed a couple of the TOTO Aquia IV 1.28 GPF one-piece with Washlets this week. They also had the optional AutoFlush THU765 that allows the use of the remote to flush the bowls. CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze prevents debris and mold from sticking to ceramic surfaces EWATER+® auto-cleans wand...
  6. Brian Carter

    Toto Aquia II tank (ST416M) replacement - can I use an ST412M?

    Hi Terry (and community), I bought a Toto Aquia II a couple of years ago and just got around to installing it (bathroom remodel taking a long time, but hey, we're staying at home a lot more now, so I have time to work on it - my wife says I should have hired a plumber; she's probably right)...
  7. Terry

    MW6463056CUMFG TOTO Aquia IV with Washlet Pictures and Reviews

    MW6463056CUMFG TOTO Aquia IV with Washlet Pictures and Reviews This Aquia IV is a dual flush with the 1G option for the 1.28GPF option. Pictured below is the One gallon version dual flush, and also added is the autoflush and the Polished Nickel push buttons. The toilet comes with the standard...
  8. DeereAdam

    Wall Hung Toilet Drain

    Hi, I am installing a wall hung toilet in my basement. The existing main stack is several feet away. To install the toilet where I'd like, the toilet drain will need to run horizontal (nominal fall) to the main stack. Question is, will the toilet flush properly with the drain exiting the...
  9. lingua

    Toto Wall hung drain line locations

    Hi there, first post and very appreciative of all the info on here. Have gutted out my bathroom and chosen the Aquia wall hung. My condo is 4 feet below grade, on slab on grade, and so I am securing my framing for this to a block wall which should be even more secure than to typical framing (I...
  10. Sean W.

    Toto Aquia II (2 piece) vs Toto Vespin II (2 piece)

    Need some thoughts on which one to go with? Essentially we need a 1.28 flush or .9/1.6 so either works. Will be used by the public but cleaned daily. Does the Aquia II truly have skidding after every use? I'm leaning towards that one because of the looks but the Vespin has CEFIONTECT, a larger...
  11. Terry

    TOTO THU9090R adapter for installing a Washlet on an Aquia

    TOTO THU9090R adapter for extending the supply line farther lower to help with the Washlet installation on a TOTO Aquia. This converts the 7/8" female to 7/8" male threads as an extension. TOTO CST416M with the A200 Washlet. SW2024-01
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