anode rod

  1. thewaterengineer

    Can you run a water heater with the anode rod removed & port open?

    In theory, could you do this? Or would it affect the pressure in some way? Not suggesting this for home use, just trying to experiment with something and get an idea for how these work... Sorry if i did anything wrong making this post, I am a new user

    Install Electric Anode in Relief Valve Location

    Hi all. First time poster, long time follower of this site. I am a new owner of a Rheem Hybrid H2O (ProTerra 65.) I have been researching how to replace the anode on these with an electric one and can see that it is a bit of a chore that often results in cutting a gasket and voiding the...
  3. bill_r_59

    Replacing Anode Rod in 2016 Whirlpool Hot Water Heater

    My mother has a 50 gallon Whirlpool hot water heater (E50h46-45) that was installed in Spring 2016 in Delaware. The water comes from a well; and there is also a salt based water softener in use. The sulfer / rotten egg smell has become quite bad. I have read the solution is to replace the...
  4. Brandeis Marquette

    Unscrewing Anode on Bradford White Water Heater-- only threads exposed

    Hi All, Trying to replace nipple type anode on a Bradford White Water heater. I have unscrewed the hot water connector from the anode nipple and was about to unscrew the anode rod from the water heater using a pipe wrench but noticed only the pipe thread was visible. I am hesitant to use a...
  5. cprausa

    Anode rod threading on German system

    I have a solar hot water heating system that has a German tank. I need to replace the anode rod. I'm not sure of the manufacturer of the tank but model number is ESS-PU-300. I found an old price list from that includes some specifications. I'm trying to figure out what anode rod...
  6. Borfnoo

    Worth it to replace anode?

    I've got a 50 gal Whirlpool electric water heater that has been running for 10 years pretty much untouched on city water with no softener. The warranty expired 4 years ago which means the stock anode is probably used up. Is it even worth it to replace the anode at this point? My city water is...
  7. Andy.O

    New Water Heater and Rotten Egg Smell

    We have lived in our house for 5 years, and have loved our well water and Kinetico water softener system. I realized our water heater was 22 years old so, instead of waiting for it to stop working, I replaced it about 3 weeks ago on a weekend it was convenient. However, almost immediately I...
  8. Jaredpapa

    Reliance 606 Element Leaking

    Based on the various guides on this website, I'm probably looking at replacing my water heater. But this is a last ditch effort to do some DIY before calling a repair tech or dropping hundreds on a new tank. One month ago the lower element starting leaking rusty looking water. So I replaced the...
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