american standard

  1. bnewland

    AS F4040 66 Tank float id?

    After replacing the flush and fill valve in my 60's norwall with a new fluidmaster kit, i've come to the conclusion that I want my original equipment back in the tank. The problem is that I don't remember how it was installed, or if I have all the parts, or if it's a bad idea all together. Can...
  2. K

    Help installing vintage american stand sink

    I'm looking to install a1950s American Standard sink. Does anyone have any advice on how to assemble the legs and towel bars? It should look as pictured. I am having an issue with the legs, also. They appear to be two different sizes and the ends are different. One is 26" long and has...
  3. Plumbledon

    American Standard Cadet: quality control problem or design?

    On a quest of a decent toilet (two) that doesn't break the bank, wasn't happy with Kohler quality control so tried American Standard Cadet series, there's one in the house already from prior owner, I like the flush and simple flapper design that you can adjust. Got a Cadet 3 and a Cadet Ovation...
  4. Pepitumbrunom

    American Standard Amarilis Shower Valve Cover/Ring Removal

    Hi, I'm wondering how to remove the valve cover/ring - not sure that's the right name - on this AS Amarilis Series Shower Hot/Cold water handles. (This is a three handle shower.) Please look at the yellow highlighted ring. It has outer and inner thread, but no real way to undo it. The valve...
  5. Junkie_Vince

    American Standard Tub/Shower Identification

    Anyone here familiar with American Standard t+s cartridges? Need to go fix this for a family member and I’d like to buy the parts in advance if possible since I can only go out there when most places are closed. Don't have much experience with American Standard but finding that some use a single...
  6. Kathryn

    Selecting a toilet with 10” rough in

    Hello! I’m trying to select a reliable, don’t-ever-have-to-think-about-it-again toilet for a small powder room. 10 inch rough in Total depth of the room is 47 inches. I know that all reviews are in favor of Toto, but doesn’t seem like there’s a model that’s short enough to fit this space…...
  7. Terry

    American Standard Reliant tub/shower, but what model and parts?

    American Standard, but what model and parts?
  8. Libby Donovan

    Toto Drake II (CST454CEFG#01) vs American Standard Champion 4 (2034.314.020)

    I need to replace the toilet in our powder room. It's our only toilet on the main floor so it gets used frequently. I did a lot of comparison research and narrowed it down to 2. Looking for a final recommendation. My top priorities are #1 - no clogging #2 - easy cleaning/stays clean (interior...
  9. Terry

    American Standard Cadet II 1.6 GPF Toilet, 2164.020

    American Standard Cadet II 1.6 GPF Toilet 2164.020 I had one of these for about two months. It quit working one day, wouldn't flush, and I tossed it. I never did figure out what went wrong with it. Just one of the many bowls that took turns in my home as I was doing research on "The Ones That...
  10. Terry

    American Standard Bathroom collection 2007

    Looking for pictures of faucets today, and ran across this pricing book from 2007. I may need to add some pictures from this from some of the older A/S products. More to come I guess.
  11. Terry

    American Standard Norwall wall-hung toilet, 1959 in green

    American Standard Norwall wall-hung toilet, 1959 in green This thing flushes with at least five gallons, maybe seven. The homeowner said that when one the toilet was flushed there was almost no water anywhere in the house left over. It must have been interesting to be in the shower if someone...
  12. Strong son

    American Standard - Estate 8" handle removal and drain

    Hello, I love this faucet but I do not love trying to fix it. My current problems are the left side (hot) handle is tough to move (tight) and I cannot seem to connect the popup to the handle (tried 6x over the last few months. so i just removed the popup altogether). My main question is how do...
  13. Terry

    American Standard Cadet Pro, 215CA.004

    American Standard Cadet Pro, 215CA.004 installed as a replacement. They come in standard 12" rough and you can also pick up a space saver 10" tank for those rare 10" rough-in's you may encounter. The tank comes with a 3" flush valve, 2-1/8" trapway and a MaP score of 1,000 grams on the 1.6 GPF...
  14. Craig

    American standard Ideal boiler

    We bought a house last year with the original 1920s boiler. The boiler works great. I am looking for information on it. There is no pump and it has the old expansion tank in the ceiling. I was wondering how much pressure should be in the system? I doubt the pressure gauge is correct but in...
  15. eveplumb

    How to fasten kitchen sink handle (Delta?)

    Faucet handle came off of stem. I assumed that a hex set screw attached it, but no screw found, and the hole where I would think a screw would go doesn't go all the way through; plus I don't see threads (though it's very small; hard to see). I tried an 8/32 and 6/32 screw; both seemed too big...
  16. Patriot305

    New A/S cartridge did not solve leaking problem.

    I have an American Standard Ultra-Mix Pressure Balancing Bath and Shower Set Model 1363 Series. I changed the 066269-0070A cartridge, but still have leaking from the tube spout in the off position. I adjusted the stop, which limited the flow but did not stop the leak. Should the cartridge...
  17. Terry

    American Standard Ellisse tank parts

    I'm not sure if I'm right on this. I took these pictures in 2011 and it's not like anything I've worked on recently. Not too many tanks have a push button on the side and have the fill tube placed into a channel in the tank for bowl refill. Check out the bowl refill here.
  18. Geoffrey Stephenson

    American Standard shower cartridge trim kit

    Hey guys, I just recently replaced the trim on one of my showers that had an American Standard A954440-0070AP cartridge and the install went great. But when I pulled the trim off my other shower I realized even though the hardware was American standard it was a different type of cartridge. I...
  19. Tdkdpt

    Bypassing a Vent Away system on a wall hung toilet

    I have a toilet that recently declined in its flushing power so I decided to purchase a Flushmaster universal replacement kit and replace the guts to our toilet. The problem however is that this particular toilet is an old American Standard 4049 Vent Away so there is the extra vent hole at the...
  20. DoubleB

    American Standard valve body question.

    My master bedroom shower sprung a leak, found out the cartridge and the pressure balancing needed to be change. It was very difficult to take out the balancing part. Had to use angle pliers and a screwdriver to take it out. Replaced the part and no leaks! Felt real proud... Decided to be...
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